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 Release: A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick (.ePUB)   Sci-Fi/Fantasy   Posted by: heartmint at Thu May 15, 2014 11:39 pm 
A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick
Requirements: ePUB reader, 499 KB, Retail
Overview: I've chased him for over twenty years, and across countless miles, and though often I was running, there have been many times when I could do nothing but sit and wait. Now I am only desperate for it to be finished.

In 1944, just days after the liberation of Paris, Charles Jackson sees something horrific: a man, apparently drinking the blood of a murdered woman. Terrified, he does nothing, telling himself afterwards that worse things happen in wars.

Seven years later he returns to the city - and sees the same man dining in the company of a fascinating young woman. When they leave the restaurant, Charles decides to follow...
Genre: Horror

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 Release: Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters srs by Robyn Peterman(.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: jozen25 at Thu May 15, 2014 11:36 pm 
Handcuffs And Happily Ever Afters series by Robyn Peterman (#1.5, 2-3)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 226 KB, 512 KB, 399 KB
Overview: Robyn writes because the people inside her head won’t leave her alone until she gives them life on paper. Her addictions include shoes (the expensive kind), Coke with extra ice in a styrofoam cup, and bejeweled reading glasses.
A former professional actress, she now lives in the south with her family and too many animals to count. Writing gives her a chance to have a job where working in her P.J.’s is acceptable.
Genre: Romance

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 Release: Don't Stand So Close by Luana Lewis (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: heartmint at Thu May 15, 2014 11:23 pm 
Don't Stand So Close by Luana Lewis
Requirements: ePUB reader, 950 KB, Retail
Overview: A lingering, compulsive debut novel that will keep you tightly in its grip.
What would you do if a young girl knocked on your door and asked for your help?
If it was snowing and she was freezing cold, but you were afraid and alone?
What would you do if you let her in, but couldn't make her leave?
What if she told you terrible lies about someone you love, but the truth was even worse?
Stella has been cocooned in her home for three years. Severely agoraphobic, she knows she is safe in the stark, isolated house she shares with her husband, Max. The traumatic memories of her final case as a psychologist are that much easier to keep at a distance, too.
But the night that Blue arrives on her doorstep with her frightened eyes and sad stories, Stella's carefully controlled world begins to unravel around her.
Genre: Thriller

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 Release: Swedish Table Cookbook by Helene Henderson (.PDF)   Cooking   Posted by: madmagz at Thu May 15, 2014 11:21 pm 
Swedish Table Cookbook by Helene Henderson
Requirements: PDF Reader, 7.19MB
Overview: "Although I never physically fit in . . . being the sole tall, awkward African American among a sea of beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Swedes, it was my home. When I tasted the first potato of the summer, just dug out of the ground, or when I picked the first ripe cloudberry and popped it in my mouth, or when I took in the scent of seawater and we grilled salmon just off the boat, it didn't matter what I looked like - I was Swedish. I was home, and I did belong." -Helene Henderson Drawing on her fondest childhood memories, Helene Henderson offers welcome insight into the treasures of Swedish cooking. From the potato, a Swedish staple, to dessert, the start of Swedish cuisine, The Swedish Table contains more than 125 recipes, including Yellow Pea Soup with Bacon (Artsoppa), Lentil Salad with Radishes (Linssallad), Aquavit and Dill Marinated Salmon (Gravlax), Swedish Meatballs with Gravy (Kottbullar), and the country's traditional pastry, Bulla. Encompassing both traditional Swedish dishes and modern, updated recipes, Henderson combines the ingredients and scents from the past with the produce and flavor of today. The Swedish Table includes an extensive guide to Swedish traditions and celebrations, the foods that accompany them, and a color gallery of photos. With this complete collection of elegant yet easy-to-follow recipes, Henderson takes us on an enticing tour through the magic of the forest, the lakes, and the farms of the Swedish countryside.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookery

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 Release: Cheese Greats by Jo Frank (.PDF)   Cooking   Posted by: madmagz at Thu May 15, 2014 11:09 pm 
Cheese Greats - 675 Delicious Cheese Recipes by Jo Frank
Requirements: PDF Reader, 12.3MB
Overview: 675 quick & easy recipes for cooking with cheese, including a delicious array of styles, ingredients & influences: savoury & sweet, traditional & off-beat, meats & vegetarian, Mexican & Mediterranean, dips, desserts, salads, breads, casseroles & more.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookery

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 Release: Cooking The Greek Way by Lynne W. Villios (.PDF)   Cooking   Posted by: madmagz at Thu May 15, 2014 10:37 pm 
Cooking The Greek Way by Lynne W. Villios
Requirements: PDF Reader, 33.4MB
Overview:  COOKING THE GREEK WAY serves up tantalising recipes for skewered lamb, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed tomatoes with feta cheese, and more. Seasoned liberally with vibrant, colour photos and easy, step-by-step directions, this new edition includes new vegetarian recipes, complete menu suggestions and an expanded cultural section highlighting the Greek people and their country, holidays, festivals - and of course, their food.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookery

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 Release: Popular Mechanics - June 2014 / USA (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: pocetnik at Thu May 15, 2014 10:36 pm 
Popular Mechanics - June 2014 / USA
Requirements: PDF Reader | 48 Mb
Overview: Popular Mechanics helps the reader master the modern world, presenting trusted information about his home, his car, his technology and the world around him. With tool tests, building projects, car reviews and more, Popular Mechanics shows the American man how to upgrade his life. And the magazine's analysis of the latest developments in technology and engineering keeps him in the know about the science behind the news-from alternative energy to military technology to digital privacy. Each month, nearly 9 million curious minds turn to Popular Mechanics for advice and in-depth reporting.
Genre: Magazine

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 Release: Cooking The Chinese Way by Ling Yu (.PDF)   Cooking   Posted by: madmagz at Thu May 15, 2014 10:29 pm 
Cooking The Chinese Way by Ling Yu 
Requirements: PDF Reader, 7.23MB
Overview: Introduces the fundamentals of Chinese cooking, including special ingredients and cooking utensils. Also provides recipes for suggested dishes
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookery

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