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 Release: Here by the Bloods by Brandon Boyce (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: xander88 at Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:03 pm 
Here by the Bloods by Brandon Boyce
Requirements: Epub reader, 628 Kb
Overview: A band of kill-crazy outlaws smash the bank in Caliche Bend, New Mexico. And by the fine white powder that covers everything - even the dead - everyone knows The Snowman has struck again: for this notorious bank robber uses bags of flour to stabilize the nitroglycerin used in his dynamite blasts. This time the Snowman has made a blood enemy. Harlan Two-Trees loved the murdered sheriff like a father, and sets off to bring the Snowman to justice. Harlan cannot guess how many times he will be betrayed, how a beautiful woman will cross his path, and how violence will rain down all around him. But Harlan knows this: somewhere along the line he himself must become a killer - to stand a chance when he finally looks evil in the eye.
Genre: Historical Fiction, Western

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 Release: Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer series by James Silke (.ePUB)   Sci-Fi/Fantasy   Posted by: xander88 at Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:53 pm 
Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer series by James Silke (#1-#2)
Requirements: Epub reader, 4.88 Mb
Overview: After over ten years out of print, this omnibus unites the first two books of the popular Frank Frazetta-inspired Death Dealer series, based on the iconic painting of the same name.
Contained herein is a massive dark fantasy adventure, featuring beautiful women, bloody battles, huge swords, and vivid imagery the likes of which could only have been imagined by Frank Frazetta, "the Rembrandt of barbarians".
Genre: Fantasy

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 Release: Look - 22 September 2014 (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: With at Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:49 pm 
Look - 22 September 2014
Requirements: PDF Reader, Size: 65 MB
Overview: Every week, LOOK is packed with the latest high-street fashion, insider tips and styling advice, as well as the hottest beauty news and products. In addition, there are up-to-the minute celebrity news, in-depth interviews and must-read features on a range of subjects from the UK and abroad.
Genre: For Women magazine

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 Release: The Jelindel Chronicles by Paul Collins (.ePUB)(.MOBI)   Sci-Fi/Fantasy   Posted by: car001 at Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:24 pm 
The Jelindel Chronicles by Paul Collins (Books #01-04)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader | 13.0MB | Retail
Overview: Paul Collins has written many books, mostly for younger readers. He is best known for his fantasy and science fiction titles: The Jelindel Chronicles (Dragonlinks, Dragonfang, Dragonsight and Wardragon), and The Quentaris Chronicles ─ co-edited with Michael Pryor ─ (Swords of Quentaris, Slaves of Quentaris, Dragonlords of Quentaris, Princess of Shadows, The Forgotten Prince, Vampires of Quentaris and The Spell of Undoing). His trade books published in America are The Earthborn, The Skyborn and The Hiveborn.
Genre: Fantasy

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 Release: American Slavery by Heather Andrea Williams (.ePUB)   General   Posted by: sashuel at Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:58 pm 
American Slavery: A Very Short Introduction By Heather Andrea Williams
Requirements: EPUB / MOBI Reader 0.5 MB / 0.8 MB, 2014
Overview: Europeans, Africans, and American Indians practiced slavery long before the first purchase of a captive African by a white land-owner in the American colonies; that, however, is the image of slavery most prevalent in the minds of Americans today. This Very Short Introduction begins with the Portuguese capture of Africans in the 1400s and traces the development of American slavery until its abolition following the Civil War. Historian Heather Andrea Williams draws upon the rich recent scholarship of numerous highly-regarded academics as well as an analysis of primary documents to explore the history of slavery and its effects on the American colonies and later the United States of America. Williams examines legislation that differentiated American Indians and Africans from Europeans as the ideology of white supremacy flourished and became an ingrained feature of the society. These laws reflected the contradiction of America's moral and philosophical ideology that valorized freedom on one hand and justified the enslavement of a population deemed inferior on another. She explores the tense and often violent relationships between the enslaved and the enslavers, and between abolitionists and pro-slavery advocates as those who benefited from the institution fought to maintain and exert their power.
Williams is attentive to the daily labors that enslaved people performed, reminding readers that slavery was a system of forced labor with economic benefits that produced wealth for a new nation, all the while leaving an indelible mark on its history.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General | history

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 Release: History of Biblical Israel by Abraham Malamat (.PDF)   General   Posted by: lovemobi at Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:55 pm 
History of Biblical Israel: Major Problems and Minor Issues by Abraham Malamat
Requirements: PDF Reader, 23 MB
Overview: The book holds 26 chapters encompassing the history of Israel from its very beginnings up to the destruction of the First Temple of Jerusalem (586 BC). The successive parts are The Dawn of Israel, Forming a Nation, The Rise of the Davidic Dynasty, and King Amon and Josiah and their final fate. The last part is dedicated to historical episodes in the Former Prophets and in the Prophetical Books. Several excursi follow. This publication has also been published in paperback.
Genre: Non Fiction, Religion

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 Release: Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood (.PDF)   General   Posted by: sashuel at Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:53 pm 
The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings (Hist Atlas) by John Haywood
Requirements: PDF Reader 31.8 MB
Overview: Viking marauders struck fear into the hearts of ninth-century European peasants, monks and nobles alike for two centuries, but the Vikings were more than seaborne terrorists. This atlas illustrates their influence extending from the Holy Land to Newfoundland, as explorers, settlers, craftsmen and hired mercenaries.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General | history

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 Release: Religion, Empire, and Torture by Bruce Lincoln (.PDF)   General   Posted by: sashuel at Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:50 pm 
Religion, Empire, and Torture: The Case of Achaemenian Persia, with a Postscript on Abu Ghraib by Bruce Lincoln
Requirements: PDF Reader 3.3 MB
Overview: How does religion stimulate and feed imperial ambitions and violence? Recently this question has acquired new urgency, and in Religion, Empire, and Torture, Bruce Lincoln approaches the problem via a classic but little-studied case: Achaemenian Persia.
Lincoln identifies three core components of an imperial theology that have transhistorical and contemporary relevance: dualistic ethics, a theory of divine election, and a sense of salvific mission. Beyond this, he asks, how did the Achaemenians understand their place in the cosmos and their moral status in relation to others? Why did they feel called to intervene in the struggle between good and evil? What was their sense of historic purpose, especially their desire to restore paradise lost? And how did this lead them to deal with enemies and critics as imperial power ran its course? Lincoln shows how these religious ideas shaped Achaemenian practice and brought the Persians unprecedented wealth, power, and territory, but also produced unmanageable contradictions, as in a gruesome case of torture discussed in the book’s final chapter. Close study of that episode leads Lincoln back to the present with a postscript that provides a searing and utterly novel perspective on the photographs from Abu Ghraib.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General | history

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