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 Release: Crochet World - October 2014 (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: dlrowsc at Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:07 am 
Crochet World - October 2014
Requirements: PDF Reader, 50 MB
Overview: Crochet World magazine is chock-full of creative, exclusive patterns for crochet toys, dolls, doilies, clothing, afghans, baby items and more, all with easy-to-understand instructions. Each issue contains a basic stitch guide, metric conversion chart, crochet technique reference page, abbreviation glossary and other references that make your crochet guaranteed to work out. Every issue you'll get 30+ projects photographed in full color with clear, see-every-stitch detail!
Genre: Magazine

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 Release: Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst (.ePUB)   Sci-Fi/Fantasy   Posted by: devonthe at Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:04 am 
Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst (Into the Wild #1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 604 KB
Overview: Twelve-year-old Julie has grown up hearing about the dangerous world of fairy tales, The Wild, from which her mother, Rapunzel, escaped.

Now The Wild wants its characters back. Julie comes home from school to find her mother gone and a deep, dark forest swallowing her hometown. Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers and fairy godmothers, fly griffins, and outwit ogres in order to rescue her mom and save her Massachusetts town from becoming a fairy-tale kingdom.

Sarah Beth Durst weaves a postmodern fairy tale that's fresh, funny, and sweetly poignant.
Genre: Fantasy

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 Release: 2 Novels by Santa Montefiore (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: devonthe at Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:02 am 
2 Novels by Santa Montefiore
Requirements: epub reader; Size: 730 KB
Overview: Born in England in 1970 Santa Montefiore grew up on a farm in Hampshire and was educated at Sherborne School for Girls. She read Spanish and Italian at Exeter University and spent much of the 90s in Buenos Aires, where her mother grew up. She converted to Judaism in 1998 and married historian Simon Sebag Montefiore in the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London. They live with their two children, Lily and Sasha in London.

Santa Montefiore's novels have been translated into twenty languages and have sold more than three million copies in England and Europe.
Genre: Romance

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 Release: Adultery by Paulo Coelho (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: dlrowsc at Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:55 am 
Adultery by Paulo Coelho
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 1.95 MB
Overview: In the latest novel from #1 best-selling author Paulo Coelho, a woman attempts to overcome midlife ennui by rediscovering herself in a passionate relationship with a man who had been a friend in her youth.

A woman in her thirties begins to question the routine and predictability of her days. In everybody's eyes, she has a perfect life: happy marriage, children, and a career. Yet what she feels is an enormous apathy. All that changes when she encounters a successful politician who had, years earlier, been her high school boyfriend. As she rediscovers the passion missing from her life, she will face a life-altering choice.
Genre: Romance

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 Release: Torque Singapore - July 2014 (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: Geminith7 at Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:54 am 
Torque Singapore - July 2014
Requirements: PDF Reader, 71.7 MB
Overview: The authority on all things automotive, with a uniquely Singapore perspective
Powered by the most experienced motoring journalists in the business, Torque fuels the nation's obsession with cars. The title's turbocharged contents provide a complete read for the car shopper, car owner and driving enthusiast alike. Torque's authoritative reviews, useful comparison tests, relevant features and real-world motoring tips are stylishly presented and expertly written. Every issue of Torque is engineered to deliver a terrific reading experience "behind the wheel".
Genre: Magazine

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 Release: Dilke: A Victorian Tragedy by Roy Jenkins (.ePUB)   General   Posted by: devonthe at Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:53 am 
Dilke: A Victorian Tragedy by Roy Jenkins
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 3.4 MB
Overview: Sir Charles Dilke was born in 1843 and died in 1911. His career is one of the mysteries and tragedies of nineteenth-century history.In the summer of 1885 he was the youngest man in the outgoing cabinet and Gladstone's most likely successor as leader of the Liberal Party. But his great expectations were shattered when in July 1885 Donald Crawford, a Liberal candidate, began divorce proceedings against his twenty-two-year-old wife, citing Dilke as co-respondent. There were two hearings, during the second of which Mrs Crawford made the most sensational allegations and in the end Dilke lost. He maintained his innocence to his dying day and despite his public disgrace there were many who believed him.First published in 1958, "Dilke" is a story with a climax as exciting as it is mysterious and which bears continuing relevance to the private lives of public figures.
Genre: Nonfiction > History

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 Release: Upside Down by Fern Michaels (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: dlrowsc at Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:52 am 
Upside Down by Fern Michaels (Men of the Sisterhood #1)
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 1.23 MB
Overview: Behind every member of the Sisterhood, there’s a man who knows better than to get in her way. Now the guys are bonding together, in the first in a thrilling new series from New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels.

Through public triumphs and private sorrows, the men in the Sisters’ lives—husbands, friends, colleagues, and lovers—have offered invaluable aid and support. In the process, they’ve become an informal brotherhood of their own, able to relate to the unique challenges and rewards of life among the vigilantes.

But after years of bit parts, the Sisterhood’s significant others are itching to take center stage. Frustrated with the limits of the criminal justice system, Nikki’s husband Jack Emery has recruited his friends Ted, Joe, Harry, Bert, Jay, and Abner. They have brand-new headquarters with state-of-the-art equipment, an unlimited bankroll, and a plaque on the door that reads BOLO Consultants. Their first case: toppling ruthless slum landlord Tyler Sandford—also lieutenant governor of Virginia. Sandford may have friends in very high places, but that’s no match for BOLO—or the women who’ve got their backs…
Genre: Romance

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 Release: Cast an Evil Eye by Ruthe Ogilvie (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: devonthe at Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:50 am 
Cast an Evil Eye by Ruthe Ogilvie (Stuart Trilogy #3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 379 KB
Overview: In this third book of the Stuart Trilogy, the story of the family of Lord Jay and Lady Hilary Stuart rushes to a new level of intrigue. As the daughter of Count and Countess Francois and Cameron Dubonnet and granddaughter of Lord Jay and Lady Hilary, the world has high expectation for Courtney Stuart Dubonnet. She's just put herself on the stage as the author of a new musical that is charming Broadway audiences. But the joy delivered by rave reviews is tainted by another story in the morning paper: two murderers have just been released from prison. And now, they're after revenge. There's a disturbing link between the playwright and the killers-and as a result, Courtney's world is about to change forever. What follows is an exhilarating tale of love suborned by the evil influence of a master hypnotist. As her life races between New York and Switzerland, Courtney must truly keep her wits about her if she hopes to survive. She must overcome the siren entreaties of a master criminal, face life and death in a Swiss blizzard at the hands of an immoral kidnapper, and endeavor to find true love among the admirers and imposters that populate the trendy watering holes of Europe and the United States. Will Courtney be able to discover her true love and unmask the evil manipulator in time? The future of the Stuart line hangs in the balance.
Genre: Mystery

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