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 Release: The Ego Trick by Julian Baggin (.ePUB)   General   Posted by: PuddyCat at Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:17 am 
The Ego Trick by Julian Baggin ( In Search Of The Self )
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.2 MB.
Overview: Are you still the person who lived fifteen, ten or five years ago? Fifteen, ten or five minutes ago? Can you plan for your retirement if the you of thirty years hence is in some sense a different person? What and who is the real you? Does it remain constant over time and place, or is it something much more fragmented and fluid? Is it known to you, or are you as much a mystery to yourself as others are to you? With his usual wit, infectious curiosity and bracing scepticism, Julian Baggini sets out to answer these fundamental and unsettling questions. His fascinating quest draws on the history of philosophy, but also anthropology, sociology, psychology and neurology; he talks to theologians, priests, allegedly reincarnated Lamas, and delves into real-life cases of lost memory, personality disorders and personal transformation; and, candidly and engagingly, he describes his own experiences. After reading The Ego Trick, you will never see yourself in the same way again.
Genre: Non-Fiction/General

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 Release: St. Ives Family series by Barbara Samuel (#1, #2) (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: tullia10 at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:31 am 
St. Ives Family series by Barbara Samuel (books #1 & #2)
Requirements: ePUB reader | 694kb | Version: fixed conversions from older formats
Overview: Barbara Samuel is a multiple RITA award-winning author with more than 38 books to her credit in a variety of genres. She has written historical and contemporary romances, a number of fantasy novellas with the likes of Susan Wiggs, Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney. She now writes women’s fiction about families, dogs, and food as Barbara O’Neal.
Genre: Historical Romance

Image Image
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 Release: Brazen Series by Elizabeth Boyle (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: tullia10 at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:24 am 
Brazen Series by Elizabeth Boyle (books #1-#3)
Requirements: ePUB reader | 1.1MB | Version: conversion from older formats
Overview: Elizabeth Boyle was an antipiracy paralegal for Microsoft before settling down to write full-time. Her first novel, Brazen Angel, which won Dell's Diamond Debut Award in 1996, also won the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award for Best First Book, and was a finalist for Best Long Historical Romance. She lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington. She is also the author of Brazen Heiress.
Genre: Historical Romance

Image Image Image
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 Release: Harriet Bean 1-3 Omnibus by Alexander McCall Smith (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: devonthe at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:20 am 
Harriet Bean 1-3 Omnibus by Alexander McCall Smith
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.1 MB
Overview: From bestselling novelist Alexander McCall Smith comes a charming set of mysteries that will keep young readers guessing--and laughing--from the first clue to the last.
Harriet Bean loves nothing more than a good mystery, and is always ready to take on a new case. When Harriet Bean's father mentions that he has five sisters--whom Harriet has never met--she is immediately intrigued. Harriet is determined to uncover the whereabouts of her five lost aunts, but with nothing more than an unfinished family portrait and a few outdated clues, will she be able to locate them? In The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean, join Harriet in her search to reunite her father with his five lost sisters--Veronica, Harmonica, Majolica, Japonica, and Thessalonika.
In Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats, Harriet doesn't think twice when her mind-reading detective aunts Japonica and Thessalonika enlist her help to catch a cheat at the racetrack. After all, Harriet is just the right size to go undercover as a jockey. But when the plan takes an unexpected turn, Harriet finds herself in the saddle!
In The Cowgirl Aunt of Harriet Bean, when Harriet discovers that she has yet one more lost aunt--a cowgirl named Formica--she jumps at the chance to join her two detective aunts on a visit. Aunt Formica's ranch is being plagued by devious cattle rustlers, and she needs Harriet's help to track down the bandits and save the ranch. But the Wild West carries dangers all its own. . .
Genre: Mystery

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 Release: Mastered by Opal Carew, et al (.ePUB)   Romance   Posted by: snaggelpuss71 at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:18 am 
Mastered by Various Authors (Montgomery Ink 0.6) (All Authors listed with book Titles)
Requirements: Epub Reader, 1.84 MB
Overview: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender by Various Authors
Genre: Erotica | Anthologies

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 Release: Dying to Know by Alison Joseph (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: devonthe at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:16 am 
Dying to Know by Alison Joseph (DI Berenice Killick #1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 415 KB
Overview: A man’s body washes up on the beach.

It looks as if he threw himself from a lighthouse - but was it suicide, or something more sinister? Detective Inspector Berenice Killick is used to dealing with minor complaints like parking tickets and lost property, so when she is offered the case she jumps at the chance.

She soon discovers that the dead man was Murdo Macguire, a physicist, and that he and his colleagues were carrying out top secret work on particle collisions. When more of the scientists are found dead, in the same place and manner as Macguire, it looks like someone has a vendetta against the project.

But what were the scientists working on? And will someone kill to find out - or to prevent the science being revealed?

As she delves deeper into the mystery, Berenice must fight to get her voice heard in a police department run by men - and she must learn to trust her instincts if she is to have any chance of solving the case.

What is it that the murderer is Dying to Know? Berenice must find out before it is too late...
Genre: Thriller

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 Release: A Death in the Pavilion by Caroline Dunford (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: devonthe at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:09 am 
A Death in the Pavilion by Caroline Dunford (Euphemia Martins Mystery #5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 210 KB
Overview: Euphemia Martins, the estranged granddaughter of an Earl, entered service incognito with the Stapleford family to save her family from destitution and from that moment on she acquired the bothersome reputation of finding dead bodies.

Now promoted to the role of paid companion to the deplorable Richenda Stapleford she is staying at the country estate of Hans Muller upon whom Richenda has matrimonial designs. Mere weeks after their arrival Richenda’s twin brother, Richard, dispatches a servant bearing news of shocking accusations concerning Muller.

Euphemia finds herself unravelling an old murder with Richenda as her unlikely ally but delving into the past sets off a dangerous series of events in the present and it’s not long before Richenda, her step-brother Bertram and Euphemia find themselves in dire peril (again!).

Could it be that Hans Muller is not the charming man he appears but capable of the most terrible crimes? As usual it is up to Euphemia to solve the mystery using her quick wits and her unswerving sense of justice.
Genre: Mystery

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 Release: The Sapporo Outbreak by Brian James Craighead (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: devonthe at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:07 am 
The Sapporo Outbreak by Brian James Craighead
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 362 KB
Overview: By 2014, the extent of the US National Security Agency’s PRISM system had been revealed. The NSA – and sister organisations such as the GCHQ in the United Kingdom – had covertly created a dragnet capturing the private calls, emails and internet traffic of almost every citizen in the western world.

For many, the concept of personal privacy was gone.

At the same time, the introduction of games involving artificially intelligent ‘virtual’ people and simulated worlds had become mainstream entertainment experiences. Games like Call of Duty, Halo and Grand Theft Auto were dwarfing the revenues from ‘blockbuster’ movies and television shows. Players in these games comfortably slipped into new worlds, meeting, trading, fighting and loving other real and artificially intelligent ‘virtual’ players.

The rise of massive commercial social media operations such as Facebook pushed these games further into almost everyone’s daily life. Games like Cityville and The Sims Social encouraged players to invite hundreds of friends and acquaintances into the game with just a single click. Thanks to advertising and in-game purchasing, the games developers could afford to give free versions of these games away and still generate massive revenues.

A fun, compelling connected world, supercharged by social networks, promising experiences unlike anything before. All for the same price as two tickets to the movies. Who could resist?

To investors around the world, these games were the new ‘rivers of gold’. What followed was an explosion of well-funded new businesses developing products which dived ever deeper into the personal details of the individuals. And all that data was greedily gobbled up by endless rows of supercomputers hidden away in Utah’s NSA data centre.

The rise of a company like WhiteStar Corp - the creator of the multi-billion dollar series of immersive games - came as no surprise. ‘’WhiteStar’, as the company is informally known, was involved in a series of “incidents” in December 2019 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection a few months later. Drowned out by the social unrest breaking out throughout the developed world, the proceedings against WhiteStar drew little publicity. However certain parties involved were open to discussing the events, many of which transpired in WhiteStar’s high-security steel and concrete complex nestled in a quiet residential suburb of Sapporo, Japan.

Events that would lead to the greatest peacetime loss of life in human history.
Genre: Thriller

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