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 Release: Biblical Nonsense by Jason Long (.ePUB)   General   Posted by: maxagaze at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:17 pm 
Biblical Nonsense: A Review of the Bible for Doubting Christians by Jason Long
Requirements: ePUB reader, 250kb
Overview: The Bible is not the word of God.Biblical Nonsense is a broad look at the tremendous problem of associating divinity with the world's most popular book. This part-philosophical, part-scientific overview explores the Bible's divine treachery, scientific mistakes, historical errors, false prophecies, and comical absurdities. Biblical Nonsense also expands beyond these standard reasons for skepticism by tackling the rationale behind the emergence and perpetuation of Christianity, psychological and sociocultural reasons that drive Christians to cling to their beliefs, and illogical methods of argumentation invoked in the defense of the Bible.Author Dr. Jason Long is a former Christian who condenses the most significant biblical problems into this single volume. Unlike other books in the field that delve into only one topic, this manuscript, comprehensible even to those who have never opened a Bible, is a full-fledged attempt to demonstrate that God's supposed word is a product of human minds, not divine inspiration. Dr. Long's fresh experiences in the church and advanced levels of educational enlightenment make him the perfect individual to present this vehemently unpopular, yet undeniably appealing topic.
Genre: Non-fiction, Religion

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 Release: Stormlord series by Glenda Larke (.ePUB)   Sci-Fi/Fantasy   Posted by: xander88 at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:15 pm 
Stormlord series by Glenda Larke (#1-#3)
Requirements: Epub reader 3.42 Mb
Overview: Glenda was born in Western Australia, the daughter of a farmer. She was educated at government state schools and the University of Western Australia, where she obtained a degree in history and a diploma in education. Married to a Malaysian scientist, she has grown-up children, and now lives in Malaysia, where she is actively involved in rainforest conservation.
Author of The Isles of Glory trilogy (The Aware, Gilfeather, The Tainted); The Mirage Makers trilogy (Heart of the Mirage, The Shadow of Tyr, Song of the Shiver Barrens) and, writing as Glenda Noramly, a stand-alone book Havenstar.
Genre: Fantasy, Epic

Image Image Image
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 Release: Aurelia Marcella Roman Mysteries by Jane Finnis (.ePUB)   Mystery/Thriller   Posted by: moldava at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:12 pm 
Aurelia Marcella Roman Mysteries Series by Jane Finnis (Books 1 – 4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.9 MB
Overview: Jane Finnis has been fascinated by the past ever since as a child she walked the straight Roman roads of East Yorkshire. After reading history at London University, she worked for some years in London as a freelance broadcaster for BBC Radio. She spends much of her time researching and writing about the Roman Empire.
Genre: Mystery, Historical
Image Image Image Image
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 Release: Proving History by Richard Carrier (.MOBI)   General   Posted by: maxagaze at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:12 pm 
Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus by Richard Carrier
Requirements: MOBI reader, 1.1mb
Overview: This in-depth discussion of New Testament scholarship and the challenges of history as a whole proposes Bayes’s Theorem, which deals with probabilities under conditions of uncertainty, as a solution to the problem of establishing reliable historical criteria. The author demonstrates that valid historical methods—not only in the study of Christian origins but in any historical study—can be described by, and reduced to, the logic of Bayes’s Theorem. Conversely, he argues that any method that cannot be reduced to this theorem is invalid and should be abandoned.

Writing with thoroughness and clarity, the author explains Bayes’s Theorem in terms that are easily understandable to professional historians and laypeople alike, employing nothing more than well-known primary school math. He then explores precisely how the theorem can be applied to history and addresses numerous challenges to and criticisms of its use in testing or justifying the conclusions that historians make about the important persons and events of the past. The traditional and established methods of historians are analyzed using the theorem, as well as all the major "historicity criteria" employed in the latest quest to establish the historicity of Jesus. The author demonstrates not only the deficiencies of these approaches but also ways to rehabilitate them using Bayes’s Theorem.

Anyone with an interest in historical methods, how historical knowledge can be justified, new applications of Bayes’s Theorem, or the study of the historical Jesus will find this book to be essential reading.
Genre: Non-Fiction, History

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 Release: Why I Am Not a Christian by Richard Carrier (.MOBI)   General   Posted by: maxagaze at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:07 pm 
Why I Am Not a Christian: Four Conclusive Reasons to Reject the Faith by Richard Carrier
Requirements: MOBI reader, 155kb
Overview: Dr. Richard Carrier, world renowned philosopher and historian, explains the four reasons he does not accept the Christian religion, describing four facts of the world that, had they been different, he would believe. He is brief, clear, and down to earth, covering the whole topic in under ninety pages of easy-to-read explanation. Those four reasons are God's silence, God's inaction, the lack of evidence, and the way the universe looks exactly like a godless universe would, and not at all like a Christian universe would, even down to its very structure. Dr. Carrier addresses all the usual replies to these claims, in ways you might not have heard before, relying on his wide experience in debating and studying these issues all over the world for more than fifteen years. A perfect book to introduce yourself, or your friends, to why fewer educated people are embracing Christianity than ever before. Ideal for handing out to door-to-door missionaries.
Genre: Non-fiction, Religion

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 Release: New Electronics - 22 July 2014 (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: sashuel at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:06 pm 
New Electronics - 22 July 2014
Requirements: PDF Reader 7.6 MB
Overview: With its blend of technology features, news and new product information New Electronics keeps designers and managers up to date with the fastest moving industry in the world.
Genre: Magazine

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 Release: WILD - August / September 2014 (.PDF)   Magazines   Posted by: sashuel at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:04 pm 
WILD - August / September 2014
Requirements: PDF Reader 19.6 MB
Overview: The Canadian Wildlife Federation's magazine for kids.
WILD magazine is jam-packed with fun wildlife stories, games and pictures for youngsters ages 5 to 13. It’s a great way to get the children in your life engaged in nature and share your passion for the outdoors.
Genre: Magazine

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 Release: Hitler Homer Bible Christ by Richard Carrier (.ePUB)   General   Posted by: maxagaze at Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:02 pm 
Hitler Homer Bible Christ: The Historical Papers of Richard Carrier 1995-2013 by Richard Carrier
Requirements: ePUB reader, 664kb
Overview: Richard Carrier, Ph.D., philosopher, historian, blogger, has published a number of papers in the field of ancient history and biblical studies. He has also written several books and chapters on diverse subjects, and has been blogging and speaking since 2006. He is known the world over for all the above. But here, together for the first time, are all of Dr. Carrier's peer reviewed academic journal articles in history through the year 2013, collected with his best magazine articles, research papers and blog posts on the same subjects. Many have been uniquely revised for this publication. Others are inaccessible except through libraries or paywalls. Twenty chapters include his seminal papers on the scandal of Hitler's Table Talk, the Jerry Vardaman microletter farce, and the testimonies to Christ in Josephus, Tacitus, and Thallus, as well as Carrier's journalistic foray into ancient pyramid quackery, his work on the historical & textual errancy of the bible, and more.
Genre: Non-fiction, History

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