Chick lit, historical, contemporary, erotic, fantasy, time-travel, paranormal romance
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Three Novels by Chantelle Shaw
Requirements: MOBI reader, 1.17 MB
Overview: Chantelle Shaw grew up in London and enjoyed a blissfully happy childhood making up stories in her head. Unsurprisingly, English was her favorite subject at school, but math and anything remotely technical remain a complete mystery to her! She worked as a secretary and PA, and at twenty married the wonderful man she had fallen in love when they were both teenagers. With the birth of her first child the family moved to the Kent coast and Chantelle became a stay-at-home mum to her ever-growing family that now includes six children, a dog and various other pets.

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His Unknown Heir: She committed a sin.and hides a shocking secret. Ramon Velaquez, heir to the Velaquez winery, clearly stated his cardinal rule to Lauren Maitland - he can't promise her more than a red-hot affair. Whilst she heard the words, her heart wasn't listening, and her punishment for falling in love was to be sent away. Two years later, and Ramon still can't escape the memories of the woman he banished. But when he finds Lauren again she's independent, strong, and harbouring a shocking secret.

The Ultimate Risk: For better.or for worse? When she sees Lanzo di Cosimo again after ten years, Gina Bailey's pulse races at the memories of their heady affair - a time when life seemed perfect. Now she is far from being the carefree innocent she was before. Abused by her exhusband, and with her dreams of a family dashed, she's built up barriers around her heart.But Lanzo's sweet caress implies that he wants Gina for the long term. Can she afford to surrender in the hope that he might protect her, cherish her, for better or worse.?

After the Greek Affair: The passion pay-back...Billionaire tycoon Loukas Christakis has learned the hard way never to trust a woman. The only female he cares about is his soon-to-be-married little sister. And that's why he's reluctantly allowed struggling designer Belle Andersen to make the wedding dress on his private island - where he can keep an eye on her! Alone with her as she works, the virile Loukas finds innocent Belle becomes an unexpected temptation. But what should just have been a short paradise affair has consequences. And, as Belle is about to find out, Loukas will do whatever it takes to secure what he feels is rightfully his...

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