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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:49 pm 
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Wicked Games Series by Michele Hauf
Requirements: LIT Reader, PDF Reader, 530 KB – 1.8 MB
Overview: Michele Hauf lives in Minnesota with her husband and two children. She writes historical romance, fantasy, and action/adventure contemporaries.

Wicked Games 01 – Highwayman
Max Fitzroy, the legendary Highwayman, has slain scores of demons with a razor-lined whip and a burning need for revenge. Now, to rid himself of the demon shadow inside him—who has cursed him with immortality and stole all sensual pleasures—Max needs a witch's familiar, the one creature he's made a career of killing. But the Highwayman isn't prepared for the familiar named Aby. The sleek and sexy conduit to the demon realm sees past his nightmarish shadow as easily as he scales the walls she's erected to protect herself. Max needs Aby to grant him his freedom, and then he needs to slay her. But how can he destroy the only creature he's desired in centuries?

Wicked Games 02 – Moon Kissed
Escaping from bloodthirsty vampires, Belladonna Reynolds ran straight into the arms of a werewolf. As a man, Severo drew her in with his dark good looks; as a beast he astounded her with his insatiable sensual appetite. Whether afraid or aroused, Bella fled to his lair when threatened by an evil monster of the night. Severo tried to keep Bella—his mate—safe from the vampiress who held a malicious desire for revenge against him—but he alone wasn’t enough. How could he desire the very thing he’d spent his life destroying? And even if he did, what would the werewolf do to Bella on the next full moon?

Wicked Games 02.5 – After the Kiss
Belladonna Reynolds has just married a werewolf. Severo has given her nearly everything she could want: love, amazing sex, and the honor of choosing her as his mate for life. Yet there is one thing she craves that Severo will not give her: his blood. To a vampire, a couple's greatest bond is formed with the bite. But Severo will be shunned by his own kind once marked by a vampire. Even as they enjoy intense passion in their marriage bed, Bella and Severo have to wonder: Can a marriage between a werewolf and a vampire work?

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i ain't reup dead links anymore

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:49 pm 
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:55 pm 
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Nice release, andree. 15 $WRZ reward. Category: Novels

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 3:38 pm 
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link is dead. possible reup please. Thank you! :)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:48 am 

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dead link mate love to read if u can put it in again

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