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Hagen Strikes Again Series 1-11 by Kay Hooper
Requirements: WORD/RTF viewer, 259-363Kb
Overview: Kay Hooper is the New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of many suspense and romance novels.

Hagen 01 In Serena's Web Apr-1987 - Loveswept-189 RTF
With her fallen-angel smile, Serena Jameson looked like a cross between a temptress and a teenager, but she could be gently ruthless when it came to getting Brian Ashford to make his move! The handsome industrialist was determined to play Galahad and protect her from danger--danger in the form of rakish playboy Joshua Long. But when Serena pleaded with Brian to teach her how to seduce a man, she ignited a primitive heat that shattered his control...and hers. A captive of her own desires, could Serena escape the tangles of her bewitchingly woven web?

Hagen 02 Raven on the Wing May-1987 - Loveswept-193 DOC
"Marry me!" Josh Long insisted, but elusive woman of mystery Raven Anderson denied the electrifying attraction she felt when he pulled her into his embrace. Seductive but never truly seduced, Raven knew how to ignite a fire, but had never been burned herself -- until Josh's fierce hunger brought her ecstatic surrender in his arms. Captivated by the enigmatic lady he knew instantly would end his playboy days, Josh pursued Raven with a breathless abandon that stunned him, but were his money and power -- and his passion -- enough to protect his mercurial lover from shadows that threatened her life?

Hagen 03 Rafferty's Wife Nov-1987 - Loveswept-219 DOC
Drawn by destiny -- and duty to her country -- into a dangerous charade, Sarah Cavell trembled when she met the "husband" who'd been assigned to her for the mission. Rafferty Lewis looked tough and dangerous, a potent symbol of all the chances she'd never taken, the risks she'd never dared. Rafferty was unnerved by her heady scent, and by her striking red-gold hair that reminded him of the caged fire hidden beneath her apparent fragility... and no warning in his head could keep him from uncovering the heat within. An island paradise in the midst of revolution was no place for a novice siren to pursue the man her soul yearned for, but Sarah felt powerless to resist him. Her cryptographer's gift was that she forgot nothing... and Rafferty was unforgettable. He made it no secret that he wanted her, would have her -- but only when she was ready to seduce him... and he was playing hard to get. In a world where tomorrow was only a promise, their passion flamed and burned, but would the detour they'd traveled together show them the way to lasting love?

Hagen 04 Zach's Law Dec-1987 - Loveswept-225 DOC
When her car died on a deserted road high in the Rockies, Teddy Tyler half expected danger--but being captured by Zach Steele was terrifying... and thrilling. The strong, silent investigator was a man who worked alone-and he hadn't planned on Teddy crashing his stakeout. Now shed have to stay in his cabin until his prey was caged, but was he keeping his beautiful hostage for safety's sake, or because he couldn't let her go? Once he touched Teddy, the fire trapped in her body lit a fuse that ignited his desires, making him helpless in the only way a strong man could be--and battering them both with waves of pleasure. Teddy was elated by the devastating power of her feeling for Zach, but when she realized her fierce warrior never meant to let her stay in his life, she risked her pride on a reckless gamble. Could she coax the lone wolf to walk willingly at her side once she held the key to his soul?

Hagen 05 The Fall of Lucas Kendrick Jan-1988 - Loveswept-231 DOC
Time was supposed to obscure memories, but when Kyle Griffon saw the sunlight glinting off Lucas Kendrick's hair, she knew she'd never stopped waiting for him. Ten years before, he'd awakened her woman's passion, and when he left without a word, her quicksilver laughter had turned to anger, and her rebel's heart of a wild flirtation with danger--anything to forget the pain of losing him. Now he was back, and he needed her help in a desperate plan--but did she dare revive the flame of desire that once had burned her? Lucas had never stopped loving Kyle, wanting her, but could she forgive a man who made mistakes, who was not the perfect hero of her girlhood dreams? Once she'd trusted him enough to answer his savage demands with wild elation, echoing his fierce need with her own. Now could she show him she was strong enough to hold him in the fortress of her love?

Hagen 06 Unmasking Kelsey Feb-1988 - Loveswept-237 RTF
When Kelsey answered a mysterious call for help from a small southern town, he was prepared to charm or seduce Elizabeth Conner into telling him what he needed to know. But once his primitive male instinct sensed the wild spirit hidden beneath her delicate facade, he knew he would -- he must -- possess her! With unaccustomed savagery he swept her into a wild, hot, frantic embrace, revealing himself as he had with no other woman. Elizabeth feared letting any man know her soul, but daring to respond to Kelsey's explosive demands was a danger she just had to taste. Her quicksilver knight vowed to protect her, but as she could never catch the wind or chain the lightning, she knew her elusive lover was like a force of nature -- and not to be controlled. Though Kelsey promised that forever was too short a time for what they shared to last, Elizabeth saw the real test: until she knew how it felt to slay a dragon, she'd never be sure of his love...

Hagen 07 Outlaw Derek May-1988 - Loveswept-256 RTF
Shannon Brown was running for her life! Touched by the fragile stranger, Derek Ross agreed to help her elude her pursuers. He never could resist a lady in distress, but the ferocity of his desire for Shannon stunned him... and mystified her. She'd known so much hurt -- how could his promises be more than words written on the wind? Derek's voice calmed her fear, but his touch excited her, made her long to be held, to hear another heartbeat beneath her ear. When he called her beautiful, she knew it couldn't be true -- and yet in the mirror of his passion-shadowed eyes, she saw that it was. Shannon felt reborn in the arms of the man who lived by no one's rules, but feared trusting Derek might cost her more than her heart. Drawn into an elusive world of danger and deception, Shannon felt her soul's scars healed by the wildfire of ecstasy, but she had to know the truth: was the man who'd made her a woman hers to keep, or only a cherished illusion?

Hagen 08 Shades of Gray Oct-1988 - Loveswept-286 DOC
Devastatingly good-looking and charismatic ruler Andres Sereno was ruthless when it came to his island of Kadeira--and to the safety of Sara Marsh. Abducting her was the only way he knew to keep her from his enemies--and the only chance he had to make her admit her love for him. Overwhelmed by his driven hunger, his urgent need, Sara could no more resist Andres than she could resist the next beat of her heart -- but nothing in her life had prepared her for loving a man with darkness in his soul and danger in his blood. Adrift in a sudden storm with no safe harbor in sight, Sara had met her destiny -- but could she burn all her bridges except the one between her and the fierce warrior whose untamed passion held her heart captive? Andres tried to shield her from his violent side, but Sara knew the cost: before she could surrender to the primitive force of their desire, she'd have to walk through fire and learn her own strength. Was this love the dream worth risking everything for?

Hagen 09 Captain's Paradise Dec-1988 - Loveswept-296 DOC
When Robin Stuart was plucked, drenched and shivering, from the stormy seas, she clung desperately to the arms that had reached for her - but had she escaped from one terror into another? She'd been too close to danger not to recognize it again in the savagely beautiful man who'd pulled her from the water. Michael Siran was tough, fearless, confident - and an expert at playing dangerous games, but from the moment the terrified siren with bewitching eyes grabbed him and held on tight, he was captured by something he could never let go. Michael trusted no one, but Robin insisted on sharing his mission, determined to prove herself by facing the demons that had always pursued her. Michael knew the odds were against them, but when the heat of Robin's need fed his own fire, a passion born in turmoil and fueled by peril made hedging his bets impossible...Could he make her understand that heroes are human, that her courage ran as deep as his love?

Hagen 10 It Takes a Thief Feb-1989 - Loveswept-312 DOC
Dane Prescott was charming, gallant, a man of mystery and shadows whose smile could make a woman forget her name! Jennifer Chantry was terrified when he caught her with a pilfered diamond bracelet, stunned when he kissed her breathless, and delighted when he helped her escape with her prize! But when her dashing hero turned out to be a professional gambler, she had to resist him. Her father had lost Belle Retour, their beautiful old home, in a poker game-how could she risk loving another man who might cost her everything? Until now she'd never been tempted to stray from say byways...but the promises in Dane's eyes filled her with wild yearning for passion and danger. Dane knew the odds were against Jenny loving him, but he'd dare hell to risk heaven in his lady's arms. He'd never bet everything before, but the stakes were so high. Could he make her believe that a man of honor would never gamble with her heart?

Hagen 11 Aces High Apr-1989 - Loveswept-321 DOC
Skye Prescott was tall, dark and dangerous, a man who'd never forgotten how Katrina Keller had betrayed him years before...and never stopped hating himself for wanting her still. In a world where survival depended on suspicion, he'd fallen in love--and it had broken him as violence never had. When the beautiful redheaded ghost from his past reappeared in his life, Skye was filled with fury, hurt, a desire for revenge...and an aching hunger to make Katrina burn for him again. Katrina had fought her memories, had tried to heal the pain of losing Skye by building walls around her heart, but once she was in his arms, she couldn't fight him--or her own prima! passion. Skye had marked her once as his, had branded her soul. She was his match, his mate--but belonging to him body and spirit gave him the power to destroy her. Now that Skye faced his most violent enemy, Trina knew the gamble. Could she help her beloved renegade come back alive?

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