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Primal Instinct series by Rhyannon Byrd - books 4 thru 6
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Overview: Rhyannon Byrd fell in love with a Brit whose accent was just too sexy to resist. Lucky for her, he turned out to be a keeper, so she married him and they now have two precocious children who constantly keep her on her toes. Living in the Southwest, she spends her days creating provocative romances with her favorite kind of heroes--intense Alpha males who cherish their women. When not writing, Rhyannon loves to travel, lose herself in books, and watch as much football as humanly possible with her loud, fun- loving family.
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Touch of Seduction - book 4
Sold into slavery as a child to a cruel taskmaster, tiger-shifter Aiden Shrader trusts no one. Not even his own kind. Yet as a member of the Watchmen - the organization of shape-shifters who keep watch over the ancient nonhuman races - Aiden is fiercely protective of the helpless. Never more so than when he's asked to guard a little girl with witches' blood - and her beautiful human aunt. A woman who arouses all of Aiden's primal urges - urges he must resist.
To small-town schoolteacher Olivia Harcourt, the massive tiger-shifter with the glowing amber eyes is as much a dark mystery as the enemy stalking her. Yet Aiden is her only hope of surviving. Until their intense passion unleashes her own inner tigress with a ferocity that will make the evil Casus rue the day they messed with her family - and will take Aiden by seductive surprise.

Touch of Surrender - book 5
With his auburn hair and lean build, Kierland Scott looks more man than lycan. But his wolf instincts are aroused by the gray-eyed Morgan Cantrell. Not because of her beauty, but because of her long-ago betrayal, a fateful choice that made their love impossible.
Now, however, the two Watchmen must team up, leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia. To rescue Kierland's brother, they must track a vampire - and use their combined shape-shifting sensitivities in a battle that will take them beyond death. As the two learn to seek together, they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart. But they will have to overcome death itself, if their shared passion is to have a chance.

Touch of Temptation - book 6
Kellan Scott, the Lycan shape-shifter, has vowed to redeem his playboy past.even allowing himself to be captured by his enemies to save a woman he's never met. Once imprisoned, stealing into Chloe Harcourt's cell is the easy part - withstanding her irresistible beauty is next to impossible.
Chloe has struggled to keep her unusual powers over other people's emotions in check, never trusting that any man could truly love her for herself. Until her mesmerizing rescuer awakens a primal craving for contact.
Their all-consuming passion is their strongest weapon against their sadistic captor. But Kellan's biggest battle may still lie ahead: to convince Chloe he's worthy of her undying love.or die trying.

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The Prequel and books 1, 2 & 3 can be found Here
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