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Mar 2nd, 2011, 7:20 am
The Chosen Ones series by Christina Dodd
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Overview: Readers become writers, and Christina Dodd has always been a reader. As she was growing up, she read everything, but discovered, because she likes humor, that she liked romance best. In romance, the relationship between one man and one woman holds center stage, and that’s always good for a laugh. A woman wants things like world peace, a clean house, and a deep and meaningful relationship based on mutual understanding and love. A man wants things like a Craftsman router with attachments, undisputed control of the TV remote, and a red Corvette which will miraculously make his bald spot disappear.

1. Storm of Visions:
When the world was young, twins were born. One brought light to a dark world; the other, darkness and danger. Their powers could not be denied, and they gathered others around them, men and women destined to use their gifts for good or evil. Today, their descendents walk the earth as the Chosen… and the ultimate battle is about to begin...
2. Storm of Shadows:
Brilliant Rosamund Hill has lived her life buried in academia, discounting the legend of the Chosen as a myth-then Aaron Eagle shows up at her door. With the promise of a love that will defy fate itself, Rosamund is forced to confront the truth about the Chosen...and the dangerous man who sweeps her into a world of dark secrets.
3. Chains of Ice:
As a wildlife observer in the untamed mountains, Genny Valente had no idea that a beast more fearsome than any leopard lurked in the forest-a man, one of the Chosen Ones, betrayed by his gift and tormented by his memories. John Powell fled his fate and his duty, yet in Genny he sees his one chance for redemption. He will stalk her, kidnap her, and love her as only a savage can.
4. Chains of Fire:
Samuel Faa is a Gypsy lawyer with the power to control minds. Isabelle Mason is wealthy, privileged, and refined, and has the gift for healing. Two of the Chosen Ones, they share a past filled with love and betrayal, and a future denied by fate-until the day they're trapped underground. No way out. No way to deny the passion that still burns beneath the surface. And when danger threatens, Isabelle has only one choice: to place her trust in the power of the one man she could never forgive...or forget.

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Mar 2nd, 2011, 7:20 am
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