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The Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn, [Book 1 & 2]
Requirements: Epub Reader | 500 Kb
Overview: Julia Colter Pottinger is a best-selling American writer of historical romances, who says she chose the penname Julia Quinn so her Regency romances would be on bookshelves next to those of the successful romance writer Amanda Quick. She has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List four times.

    Ever since she was orphaned, Grace Eversleigh has been companion to the demanding, proud dowager duchess of Wyndham. When a high- wayman stops their coach, the dowager claims he resembles her dead son, John Cavendish, and may be the real duke of Wyndham. Jack Audley, an ex-soldier turned robber to aid wounded veterans, is shocked but not surprised. He's John Cavendish's son, raised in Ireland after his mother's parents' death, but he has no interest in the title.
    He does agree to come to the castle. That's where he meets his cousin Thomas, who retains the title and responsibilities of the duke. Thomas is engaged to Amelia Willoughby, whose father intends for her to wed the duke. If Jack should prove to be the real duke he shall have to wed Amelia. But Jack and Grace are in love, so for his own sake he needs to uncover the truth about his paternity.

    Thomas Cavendish believes he is the Duke of Wyndham, until the appearance of the lost heir: Jack, a highwayman with no idea what it means to be a nobleman. Now Thomas is set to lose the title, status and woman he loves. Lady Amelia Willoughby has been betrothed to the duke since birth, but the two barely know one another; in fact, he treats her like an acquaintance. When the prodigal returns, her father wants her to marry the new duke, but Amelia has just begun to become truly acquainted with Thomas and his sensual kisses. Thomas starts to take his bride-to-be seriously. With Jack falling in love elsewhere, Thomas has a clear path to Amelia -- if she'll only follow her heart

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Mar 14th, 2011, 10:52 am
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