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Seven Books by William C. Dietz
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Overview: William C. Dietz is the best-selling author of more than thirty novels some of which have been translated into German, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese. Dietz also wrote the script for the Legion of the Damned game, based on his book of the same name

Dietz wrote War World (now Galactic Bounty) in 1984. It was accepted for publication upon Dietz's initial submission. From that point on he continued to produce at least a book a year eventually becoming a full time novelist in 2002.

As Dietz wrote Galactic Bounty, it was his intention to create a sprawling universe that could be used as a setting for numerous books. Galactic Bounty, Imperial Bounty, Alien Bounty, McCade's Bounty, Drifter, Drifter's Run, Drifter's War, Freehold, and Prison Planet were all set in what Dietz refers to as the "McCade universe." And some of the books share characters or refer to each other in some way. Most of the themes that Dietz likes to write about including futuristic soldiers, alien politics, cyborgs, and shape shifters are all established in these early novels.


By Force of Arms - (Legion Of The Damned #04)
Having stopped a mutiny against Earth's government, General Bill Booly and his troops face an even greater challenge: a battle for the future of every living being in the universe, against a fanatical human and his killer technology.

For More Than Glory - (Legion Of The Damned #05)
And he proves it once again in his newest novel about the foreign legion of the far future--and the battles no one else can fight but General Bill Booly. Now, in the wake of a great universal war, he's found himself struggling to balance his military, political, and humane obligations. But neither Booly nor his men realize on the remote world of LaNor, another revolution is brewing. There, a career Legionnarie with a reputation for bucking authority and an inexperienced, overly-ambitious diplomat will become key to defending the deadly LaNorian web of terrorism that threatens not only the Legionnaires, but the entire Confederacy.

When All Seems Lost (Legion Of The Damned #07)
Captured by the alien Ramanthians, diplomat Christine Vanderveen must protect the Confederacy’s President from both their captors and fellow prisoners. But rescue is on the way, led by Lieutenant Tonio Sanchez, Vanderveen’s former lover, who must try to set aside his personal feelings for the sake of the mission.

When Duty Calls (Legion Of The Damned #08)
As the war with the Ramanthian continues, Captain Antonio Santana and his force of biobods and cyborgs find themselves surrounded by enemy forces, faced with annihilation at every turn.
On the home front, Santana’s love - diplomat Christine Vanderveen - copes with growing shortages, treacherous allies, and her own emotions. Yet when she meets the charismatic newly elected president of the Clone Republic, she finds herself torn between old love and new loyalty.
As Christine fights her own divided heart, light years away, Santana is in a battle for his life. And this battle may be his last…

Runner (Runner #01)
First in the new military SF duology - from the national bestselling author.
Interstellar courier Jak Rebo becomes involved with a beautiful woman who has the key to instantaneous space travel - a secret some would kill for. Now, Jak is running for his life.

Logos Run (Runner #02)
The interstellar courier returns in Dietz's second adventure, a novel of one man's choices - and a galaxy's fate. Making good on a promise to a dead man, Rebo must deliver an AI known as Logos to a mysterious backwater planet. Once there, Logos will be capable of restoring the system of star gates that once knitted the settled worlds together. But as the Techno Society wars with murderous antitechnics, Rebo gets caught in the middle - and all he can do is run.

Prison Planet
Convicted of a crime he did not commit, Jonathan Renn is sentenced to life in the Swamp, a prison planet death row in a distant galaxy. Renn only has two choices, escape the Swamp or die in the process. Defending himself from attacks by deadly, native monsters and his fellow convicts, Renn is obsessed with escaping the planet and getting his revenge on the people who set him up. Marla Marie Mendez is even more down on her luck. Trapped inside a cybernetic dog and dropped defenseless into the Swamp, Marla can only rely on Renn and her claws to save her from the unfriendly elements. They must find a way out of the Swamp and quickly before their life sentence is cut short.

Download Instructions:
Legion 4-5 - http://www.mediafire.com/?xa2nhwt1jz7b899

Legion 4-5 - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QQ94NYE0

I'm working on finding the rest of the Legion Of The Damned series. If you have them, or some of them, post them and link to this release, please.

Books #1, #2, #3, and #6, of the Legion of the Damned series can be found HERE in PDF format.
Book #9 can be found HERE
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