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Entwined Fates series by Trista Ann Michaels, (booka 1-7)
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Overview: "I live in the land of dreams, where alpha men are tender, heroines are strong and sassy, and villains are brutal and conniving. When not deep in the mind of my next serial killer, ghost or futuristic space pilot, I can be found in the mountains of TN, spending time with family and friends. At least until the next story calls. " Trista Ann Michaels
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1. Star-Crossed: When a sudden twist of fate has Krista on the run with the arrogant and insufferable Galactic Senator Stefan Marcone, she'll need all her willpower to not give in to the seduction of the charming rake. She's had enough of men like him. But sometimes you have to just forget the past and take advantage of what's right in front of you, right now.
Stefan hasn't stopped thinking about Krista since the day she dumped a bowl of punch over his head. Okay, maybe the kiss had been a little forward, but he hadn't been able to stop himself. Just like he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his promise to his sister-in-law and not seduce the beautiful blonde. Especially when they are forced to go into hiding together.
The two will travel the galaxy, staying one step ahead of the man determined to see Stefan pay for his involvement with the rebel forces that brought down the previous dictator. Until the day Stefan decides he's had enough. He'll use himself as bait to catch the assassin. But it's not Stefan the assassin's after anymore. It's Krista.

2. Crossing the Line: The second book in the Entwined Fates series.Alyssa came to Veenori in search of the man who killed her brother. It was the perfect plan — or so she thought. Then she finds herself being sold as a slinoy, a sex slave, and bought by one very gorgeous overseer to the very mine she'd been trying to infiltrate.
Taron didn't want the undercover assignment, nor did he want a slinoy. But the second he saw those gray eyes, he knew he didn't have a choice. The woman his brothers had been searching for had slipped through their fingers and fallen right into his lap. He'd promised her brother he'd find her and keep her safe, but resisting the temptation of her passionate nature would be damn difficult — and not losing his heart even more so.
Unfortunately, before they can find a future together, they will first have to survive the present and the man bent on seeing both of them dead.

3. Captive: Aliens? Attacking Earth?

Her home is being destroyed. Her friends killed. Her freedom taken away. Escape from the man or alien responsible is the only choice she has but deep down, it’s the last thing Mikayla truly wants and she hates herself for it. Falling in love with her captor is not an option, despite how seductive he is. He might get her body, but she refuses to give him what he truly wanted…her soul.

How the hell has Sidious been talked into this and more importantly, how the hell is he going to get out of it?

The last thing he needs while working as a mole for the rebel forces is another complication, no matter how enticing a package. But the second Mikayla opens her sarcastic mouth, he can’t resist putting her in her place. Seducing her's going be the most fun he’s had in years. Unfortunately, someone is onto his secret and time is running out…for both Sidious and his captive.

4. Destined For Two: Rhianna never even knew her parents--never even knew where she came from. Raised by a thief and now tending bar, she's finding it very hard to believe the two gorgeous brothers claiming she's their missing child bride.

Keenas and Jorel are convinced Rhianna's the princess promised to them years ago. She'd been lost as a child, orphaned when her parents were killed by terrorists who opposed peace between their two planets. Unfortunately, she doesn't believe a word they say; so they take matters into their own hands and kidnap her, determined to show her by any means possible she's meant to be their mate.

It's going to take more than blazing sex to win their princess bride. There's the man who raised her, the resistance still determined to see her dead, a pack of the galaxy's most powerful royals, and the fact she doesn't even want to rule. Marriage is never easy, but this one might kiss them all.

5. Remember Me: Skylar can't remember anything past five years ago, but lately she's been plagued with sexy dreams of a man with sapphire eyes and hands that make her squirm in pleasure. When she comes face to face with a man with those same eyes, snippets of her past begin to emerge and with them, the desire to experience in real life what she experiences only in dreams.

The empath Devlin is shocked to see the love he'd thought was dead, standing right in front of him. Unfortunately, she belongs to another man, the Baron Karn. She's his sex slave. Devlin isn't about to let that stand in his way of getting Skylar back. In a bold move, he steals her from her current master. Then, using seduction, compassion, and charm, Devlin breaks down Skylar's defenses and help her remember the immense passion they once shared.

Now Baron Karn is determined to have her back...or see her dead.

6. Mercenary: Sex slave auction hall, Veenori.

Kidnapped, humiliated and scared, Kiley plans to beg the mercenary who'd just bought her to take her home. Promising money beyond his wildest dreams, she haggles for her freedom. Unfortunately, her new master isn't interested in money. He has enough of his own. Instead, he plans to use her body as reimbursement.

Kiley doesn't know her father sent them, so Lucien and his first officer Syeer decide to use that to their advantage and teach the brat Kiley a lesson. With bondage and dominance, they hope to express just how dangerous the galaxy can be for a headstrong princess--especially when another mercenary is determined to use her in his vendetta against her father.

But their headstrong princess has a yen for submission that doesn't make her any less headstrong, which leaves Lucien and Syeer with their hands more than a little full.

7. Slaves: Lin Morlin, daughter to Galactic Senator Nicah Morlin, is headstrong and determined--anything but a submissive, but she goes undercover as a submissive in order to rescue her friend from slave traders. Her actions begin a chain reaction of ripples through the lives of everyone from traders all the way up to the Galactic Senate itself.

Captain Anthongy Carrigton is sent in by the Marcones to rescue Lin. Undercover as a Dom, he finds he wants to keep Lin as his slave forever when the independent woman learns she enjoys submission much more than she could ever have dreamed.

Unfortunately, the traders know exactly who Lin and her handsome hero are and why they’re there. Lin’s father will become the key to everything, and to survive, Lin must reevaluate not only who she is, but who she may become.

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