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Bad Boy Billionaires Series by Judy Angelo (Books #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #10 and #11)
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Overview: I'm a lover of all things romance - novels, poetry, flowers and chocolate (Snickers and chocolate covered peanuts are my favorite). I also love visiting romantic destinations - the sunny beaches of the Caribbean and romantic European cities including London and Paris. My idea of heaven - a comfy lawn chair on the beach in the shade of a palm tree, with a sizzling romance novel and a pina colada. Romance rocks - every time!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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2. MAID in the U.S.A.: Pierce D'Amato - The software billionaire who thinks he's in control but instead finds himself at the mercy of an angelic four year old and a dark-eyed French beauty who steals his heart.

3. Billionaire's Island Bride: Dare DeSouza - The owner of a line of Caribbean resorts who tries to teach our beloved heroine a lesson she'll never forget...but then ends up learning the greatest lesson of his life.

4. Dangerous Deception: Storm Hunter - He loves motorcycles, fast cars and now he's got to add one more item to his list of loves: Danielle Swift. Dani has a charm he tries to resist but this committed bachelor is no match for this fiercely independent woman who's like none he's met before.

5. To Tame a Tycoon: HOW DO YOU TAME A TYCOON?

Enrico Megalos is bold, brash and a big least for his staff in the Miami office of Megalos Shipping. And that's where the lion tamer comes in.

Asia Miller, Personality Coach, is hired to tame the big boss. She takes on the challenge, not realizing until it is too late that while taming him she is also losing her the one man it doesn't pay to love.

Sun, sea and a steamy affair - a thrilling ride on the sensual side.

7. Daddy by December: A DADDY IN THE MAKING...

A little girl, a wish, and a woman determined to stay out of his reach. How to reconcile the three?

Billionaire investor, Drake Duncan, is at the top of his game. He decides to hire a ghostwriter to work on his memoir. Little does he know that the writer who will answer the call is truly a ghost - from his past.

Meg Gracey is the proverbial 'starving artist', a writer down on her luck. When she is offered a contract as ghostwriter she jumps at the chance, only to later realize that the job will throw her directly in the path of the man she vowed never to 'touch with a long stick'. Caught between starvation and emotional torture she is forced to choose.

Does she follow reason or give in to the desires of her heart?

10. Her Indecent Proposal: GIVE ME A BABY...NO STRINGS ATTACHED

Melanie Parker is at the top of her game. Thirty-three years old, owner and CEO of Parker Broadcasting Corporation, with assets totaling over a billion dollars. There are many who would die to be in her shoes. But there’s one thing Melanie feels is missing from her life. A child. She’s always dreamed of one day being a mother but just never found the time to fall in love. And now time is running out. So she seeks out the one man who she knows can give her what she wants and will demand nothing in return, a man who’s a billionaire himself.

Sloane Quest can’t believe it when the owner of Parker Broadcasting Corporation – his biggest competitor in the media business – makes him the craziest of all proposals. The decision he makes is quick, and it probably defies all reason, but he has an ulterior motive which will not be denied.

Complications, intrigue and a baby bargain in the middle. Can love conquer all?

11. So Much Trouble When She Walked In: TROUBLE TO THE 'NTH DEGREE.

When Maximillian Davidoff meets Silken McCullen little does he know how much trouble will follow in her wake. The woman practically gets him thrown out of an establishment he could have purchased without a thought. And then, as if that weren't bad enough, she bulldozes her way into his life and proceeds to act like she's in charge. He soon finds out that there's a whole lot of woman packed into that petite bundle.

Silken McCullen has always had a feisty streak but no matter how she tries to curb her fiery nature it's forever getting her in trouble. When she first meets Maximillian Davidoff it is under less than ideal circumstances...particularly because her temper clouds her judgment and she ends up cursing him out. It is only after she has given him a good piece of her mind that she finds out that he is innocent of her charges. Now it falls on her to track him down and apologize. But apologies come hard for Silken and, before you know it, she's in a new kind of trouble with Max...but this time it's oh, so sweet.

With Silken McCullen, trouble is always just around the corner.

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