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The Legacy Series by Vicki Hopkins (Book 1-2)
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Overview: Vicki Hopkins doesn't play by the rules when it comes to writing historical romance nor does she follow the cookie-cutter format. Instead, she weaves tales that are down-to-earth, emotionally charged, and filled with characters who triumph over life's challenges to find love.
The author released her debut novel in November of 2009, The Price of Innocence. Controversial and true to historical times, set in late 19th century Paris, it tells the story of one homeless woman's struggle to survive. Her second in the series, The Price of Deception, was released in November of 2011, which continues the saga. The third in the series, The Price of Love, is schedule for release in winter of 2012.


The Price of Innocence
It is the tender story of Suzette Camille Rousseau, a young woman in late 19th century Paris, who makes a difficult journey from innocence to maturity. After losing a sheltered life with her father, Suzette is thrown into the harsh reality of poverty, struggling as a homeless woman on the streets of Paris. In order to survive, she faces difficult choices that offer little hope of redemption.
Her journey takes her from the charities of St. Vincent de Paul, to a local laundry house where she toils endlessly in filth and squalor. To her surprise, one of her customers is the Chabanais, the most famous brothel in France that only caters to aristocrats. Like a fly drawn to a spider's web, the mistress of the brothel entices Suzette into a world of opulence, comfort, and beauty, but there is a price to pay -- her innocence. Succumbing to a life of prostitution, she meets a handsome English Lord who saves her from the unthinkable.
The author transports her readers back to another time and place, weaving facts of 19th century life throughout the story.

The Price of Deception
Five years after releasing the love of his life to another man, Duke Robert Holland struggles with deep remorse over his past decisions. Chained in a loveless marriage of convenience and strangled by duty, he wallows in regret and drink. Everything in life changes, when in Paris he encounters a young boy and his former rival. Suddenly, he finds himself drawn into a whirlwind of lies and deceit as he searches for truth and love. Like innocence, deception carries a price. Book Two of the Legacy Series weaves a tangled web of deceit and dire consequences for all the characters, which in the end rearranges everyone's life on a path of good or evil.

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