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Stetsons & C.E.O.'s Series by Sara Orwig (Book 1-7)
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Overview: USA Today bestselling romance author, Sara Orwig has over sixteen million copies of her books in print internationally with almost 200 translations of her novels into twenty-three languages. She was one of the first six inductees into the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame and twice winner of Oklahoma Writers Federation awards for Best Oklahoma Novel. Sara is winner of eight ROMANTIC TIMES awards which include the Award for Best Western Historical Romance Writer and the Award for Best Contemporary Fiction Writer.

1. Dakota Daddy (2009)
"I'm somebody's daddy?"

The last obstacle entrepreneur Jared Dalton needed between him and a fifteen-million-dollar bet was a woman with a grudge. He knew their long-ended affair was the reason Megan Sorenson refused to sell him her ranch. Determined to get back into her good graces, Jared sought Megan out...and discovered her son. Their son.

Now Jared would need more than his surefire charm and seductive smile. For this woman and their son were priceless. And this Dakota daddy would stop at nothing to make them his own.

2. Montana Mistress (2009)
The Tycoon's Takeover

Struggling hotel owner Laurel Tolson had had enough of wealthy, arrogant men who thought their money could buy anything and anyone. But then tycoon Chase Bennett swept into her little Montana town and made her an offer as enticing as it was indecent. He'd more than match the price of her entire hotel--if she'd be his mistress for just one month. The idea was shocking, scandalous, yet strangely seductive. But soon she realized that sharing Chase's bed could never be enough. She wanted to share his life, forever....

3. Wyoming Wedding (2009)
I'm not going to ask you to be my mistress

Just two years of her time. That's all handsome billionaire Matt Rome needed. His proposal seemed perfect on paper, and the promise of passion sizzled between them. But becoming a wife for hire? To a man with a cash register for a heart?

Pregnant waitress Brianna Costin had no intention of falling for the workaholic financier--her golden ticket to help her struggling family. Yet beneath his heated kisses, the line between business and pleasure started to blur....

4. Texas Tycoon's Christmas Fiancee (2010)
Just how far was he willing to go? Dallas tycoon Nick Rafford had to get his black-sheep brother's baby back into the family fold. But the child's beautiful guardian was resistant to his initial offers. Nick could tell that changing Grace's mind would not be easy. He also knew she was not immune to his charms.

Yet seduction would only get him so far. The oil mogul had to make the single mom an offer she couldn't refuse....

5. Texas-Sized Temptation (2011)
From Bitter Enemies to Bedmates

A Santerre -- a sexy one -- dared trespass on oil magnate Jake Benton's ranch? The Santerre and Benton families had been feuding for generations. Yet here was Caitlin Santerre, standing inches away, asking nicely for the land that Jake had bought out from under her. Just how far would she go to get what she wanted?

Illegitimate daughter of a billionaire, Caitlin had never been accepted by her family. But now, she was determined to hang on to the land that meant so much to her -- even if she had to bargain with a Benton. Even if she ended up in his bed.

6. A Lone Star Love Affair (2011)
His employee has a sexy secret

Isabelle Smith isn't surprised -- or insulted -- that her new boss, Texas tycoon Tony Ryder, doesn't remember her. Their night of passion was so long ago.... And when he takes over her company, she vows to stay only as long as he never uncovers the truth.

But then he does.

The man who always gets his way makes her an offer she can't refuse. Still, Isabelle won't mix business and pleasure without a wedding ring -- and Tony isn't a marrying man. Which means they're both in for the most passionate negotiation of their lives!

7. Wild Western Nights (2011)
"Gabe, you have a daughter."

Six years ago, Gabe Benton left Texas to seek his fortune. The woman he loved and left behind was heartbroken -- and fled the state with a secret. She was pregnant with his child.

Now, Gabe is a millionaire ranch owner. And beautiful Maddie Halliday is back -- temporarily. The passion between them is still hotter than the Texas sun. But when Gabe proposes for their daughter's sake, Maddie's flat-out no stuns him. Can the man who always gets his way learn to compromise -- for the sake of cherished family days and wild Western nights?

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