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Jackson Falls by Laurie Breton
Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 1.5 MB
Overview: Most people consider insomnia a curse but Laurie Breton is not among them. "As a child, I was an insomniac," she says. "While I lay awake each night, waiting to fall asleep, I entertained myself by making up stories." It was not until adolescence, however, that she realized other kids didn't have people living inside their heads.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1)
One man became her husband.

The year is 1974. Danny Fiore is a handsome, charismatic singer with huge ambitions and a voice that can peel the paper off the walls. Casey Bradley is just eighteen years old, but the songs she writes send an icy blue finger down the center of Danny's cynical spine. Danny knows exactly where he's going, and he has no intention of taking any woman along. A girl like Casey would want things he's not prepared to give. A home. Stability. Children. He's married to his music, and that's the way he likes it.

Casey is engaged to her childhood sweetheart, her wedding just four weeks away. There's no room in her life or Danny's for an extracurricular love affair. Besides, she's a good girl who doesn't believe in casual sex. But nothing between them could ever be casual, and the first time she looks into Danny Fiore's eyes, Casey is ready to toss away her entire future for a man who's almost certain to break her heart. Neither of them plans on falling in love. But sometimes, the heart has a mind of its own.

The other became her best friend.

Guitar wizard Rob MacKenzie doesn't have Danny's looks, or his charisma, or his sense of style. Tall and gaunt and bony, Rob isn't a god, just an ordinary mortal, an easygoing guy who wants nothing more than to write his songs, play his guitar, and find the right woman. But life is never quite as simple as it seems, and his search for Ms. Right keeps leading him down all the wrong roads.

When Rob MacKenzie and Casey Bradley Fiore begin writing songs together, the result is an unstoppable hit-making machine that catapults Danny Fiore to stardom. But the road to success is littered with land mines, and life with Danny isn't all that Casey expected. Rivers of darkness run through her troubled marriage, and every time Danny breaks her heart, it's Rob who picks her up, dusts her off, and glues the pieces back together.

When tragedy struck, she had to find herself.

It isn't until she suffers an unimaginable loss that Casey begins to question who she is and what she really wants from life. As she searches for herself amid the wreckage, she discovers the bittersweet truth that the choices a woman makes at thirty can differ vastly from those she made at eighteen.

Sleeping With The Enemy (Jackson Falls #2)
They met at her brother's wedding, and the handsome stranger swept her off her feet. The initial attraction was easy. The trust? That was a little harder.

Hard experience has taught Rose MacKenzie Kenneally that men can't be trusted. But when gorgeous high school English teacher Jesse Lindstrom sweeps her off her feet at her brother's wedding, Rose temporarily forgets that she's given up on men forever. Eight weeks later, the unthinkable happens when this thirty-six-year-old divorced mother of two teenagers realizes she's pregnant by a man she barely knows.

When Jesse proposes marriage, Rose digs in her heels. She cherishes her hard-won freedom, and no man, no matter how infuriatingly sexy or nice, is going to take that away from her. But her teenagers are running wild in the city. Her ex, Eddie the snake, is too busy with his new trophy wife to be bothered with something as trivial as fatherhood. Luke and Devon need the stabilizing influence of a man like Jesse Lindstrom. So she accepts Jesse's proposal with a few conditions of her own.

Jesse wants a real marriage, but Rose is determined to resist his charm. The harder she resists, the harder he pushes, and indifference becomes increasingly difficult. But Rose carries a dark secret, one she's kept hidden for twenty years, a secret that could destroy their shaky marriage. When Jesse faces a serious accusation, Rose is forced to confront her demons head-on. Is Jesse Lindstrom the one man she can trust? Or will she discover that she's sleeping with the enemy?

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