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Last Chance Heroes Series by Linda Winstead Jones (Book 1-5)
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Overview: Linda has written in several romance sub-genres, since first being published in 1994. She's written historical romance as Linda Winstead and fairy-tale and time-travel romance as Linda Jones, all for Dorchester Publishing. Writing as Linda Winstead Jones, she pens romantic suspense for Silhouette Intimate Moments. Linda also writes for Kensington using the pseudonyms Linda Devlin and Linda Fallon.

Genre: Romantic Suspense


1. Running Scared (2004)

But it just might be the last. Quinn Calhoun was a trained mercenary whose sinful body bore the scars to prove he would do whatever it took to accomplish his mission. But keeping his hands off of the spoiled princess he'd been hired to protect? That was one battle he wasn't prepared to fight.

Olivia Larkin couldn't leave this war-torn jungle without the two little girls who were depending on her. And she wasn't about to let Quinn go back for them alone. Risking her life for two innocent children was nothing when Livvie had already lost her heart to her hardened protector.

2. Truly, Madly, Dangerously (2005)

She'd left her small town and now could handle kidnappers and thieves as easy as pie. But going home? Well, that was risky indeed -- especially as it led to serving pie while helping out in her aunt's motel/diner. And things grew even more intense once Sadie Harlow called Deputy Truman McCain about the body found in the bathtub....

Soon Sadie realized someone was out to frame her for murder -- or to get rid of her permanently. Still, Sadie couldn't allow Tru's seductive blue eyes to break down her defenses. Not even if it was the only way to keep her heart -- and her life -- safe....

3. One Major Distraction (2005)
Tess Stafford had one big secret. No one must know that she'd taken the job as cook at a private girls school to be close to the daughter taken from her at birth. The sexy new history teacher was one distraction Tess couldn't afford, but everywhere she turned, Flynn Benning was there -- charming her, asking intimate questions.

The hard-nosed former marine would rather chew nails than go undercover as a high school teacher. But a killer might be loose in the school, and Flynn had to keep the girls safe. Investigating the secretive Tess was his job -- but falling for her was one variable the major hadn't anticipated....

4. Lucky's Woman (2006)

Annie Lockhart's colorful exterior concealed a serious psychic ability. And if her latest visions were true, a serial killer was preying on couples deeply in love. She had been burned by her talents before, so instead of going to the police, she hired private investigator Lucky Santana to find the killer.

Even though Lucky wasn't sure about this assignment, Annie drove him crazy, in more ways than one...which made their task all the more torturous: Annie and Lucky set out to look like a happy couple. As their faux relationship turned all too real and passionate, the killer came in for one last deadly showdown.

5. The Guardian (2008)
Dante Mangino was a man committed to one thing: his job. A top security specialist, he had no ties to anyone, just the way he wanted. Falling for a client was strictly taboo. But his latest assignment was about to remind him that even a man like Dante had a weakness. And her name was Sara Vance.

Mayor of her hometown, Sara needed protection against a stalker. But having the man who'd loved her and left her prowling around on guard simply wouldn't do. Dante was too intense. Too...tempting.

And that would make her stalker very, very angry....

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