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9 Novels by Jayne Castle
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Overview: 9 early works by Jayne Castle A.K.A. Jayne Ann Krentz. Jayne Ann Castle Krentz with her seven pennames is considered a pillar in the contemporary romance genre. For some years, she only uses three pennames for each of three different periods from time: "Jayne Ann Krentz" (her married name) from the present, "Jayne Castle" (her birth name) from the future and her most famous penname: "Amanda Quick" from the past.
Genre: Romance


1980 - Gentle Pirate - "Don't ask me to stop," he whispered in a husky voice that came from deep in his chest. "I want you so badly..." Simon Kendrick had charged suddenly into Kirsten Mallory's life. Powerful, intimidating, as her boss he controlled her job. Did he mean to take possession of her? His mouth covered hers with a kiss that began gently, then exploded into an irresistible demand. Who was he? What did he want? Kirsten Mallory had sworn that no man would ever control her again.

1981 - Bargain with the Devil - Hunter Manning seeks revenge on Paul Rylan who destroyed his father several years ago. His revenge is in seducing Paul's son's Eric's wife hoping to destroy their marriage. Stacy Rylan offers herself in an immediate marriage to stop the threat.

1981 - Right of Possession - Josh Corbett has come to take Reva Waring as he had stated four months ago.It didn't matter that she didn't want him in her life. Josh ends up moving himself onto the couch in Reva's apartment and battle of the sexes begin.Josh vows to wear her down until she agrees to be his legally.

1982 - A Negotiated Surrender - After the sale of Chapman Inc. to York Instruments, Calla Nevin is aware that Slade York expects her to continue working in the same capacity under his employ. Slade is intrigued with Calla so much so that he blackmails her to stay with the company for a while. From there it's battle of wills especially in the bedroom.

1982 - Affair of Risk - A strange flash of elemental recognition arced between them. The shock was staggering. Kendra Loring gasped as she met the full force of Case Garrett's night-dark gaze. Yet they had never met! And once she finished her business,she promised herself they would never meet again. Danger and darkness lurked just beneath the glittering surface of the elegant Lake Tahoe casino. Kendra had sworn that no man would ever take advantage of her again.

1982 - Power Play - Talia Haywood was searching for an old family friend. The last place he worked, Talia met Kane Sebastian. Talia resorts to blackmail to get his help. Kane Sebastian, a sexy man who has become successful because of his hard work ethic finds Talia very interesting. Sparks fly. Both do what ever they have to to keep the other person close to them.

1982 - Relentless Adversary - Locke Channing was the hired gun given to Kelly Winfield to investigate the shady dealings at Forrester Stereo and video. Kelly has a secret to hide and Locke discovers. She can't hide from him and he plays both employee and seducer. She hopes Locke will fall into the employer-employee relationship and soon be gone. Locke has no intention of failing to clean up the fraud at Forrester Stereo. Nor does he intend to fail at seducing Kelly.

1982 - Spellbound - "Who would have thought there was so much soft excitement under that sophisticated veneer?" he whispered. "What other secrets are you hiding, sweet witch?" Secrets . . . the word clicked in Lacey Holbrook's mind and reason flooded back. Yes, she had secrets. Why else had she conjured Jed Merlin back from the past. Why else had she insisted on turning the bohemian maverick into a urbane gentleman? He was essential to her plans. Yes, she had secrets. Dangerous secrets. And she must not forget their urgency just because he had walked back into her life, bewitched her with kisses, and touched her with a magic she was almost powerless to resist.

1983 - Conflict of Interest - Kalie Havelock was willing to do almost anything to secure the rights to Lang Sterling's patents for her company. However, becoming involved with Lang would soon re-align her priorities in ways she never expected.

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