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The Agents for the Crown Series by Julia Quinn
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Overview: Julia Colter Pottinger is a best-selling American writer of historical romances, who says she chose the penname Julia Quinn so her Regency romances would be on bookshelves next to those of the successful romance writer Amanda Quick. She has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List four times.

Genre: Historical Romance


1] To Catch an Heiress:
Caroline Trent must find a way to avoid her greedy guardian for six weeks, until she reaches the age of 21, when she can claim her inheritance. Mistaking her for a notorious French spy, Blake Ravenscroft captures her as she flees her home, heading for safety.
Blake is set on finding and interrogating Carlotta de Leon, but when he brings his captive to the manor house, he wonders just what he has gotten into. Caroline believes that by keeping up the ruse, she can successfully hide from her guardian...but keeping Blake off guard is another story.
Once he discovers he's got the wrong woman, Blake must decide what to do with the irritating, headstrong chit. He's already beginning to fall in love and Caroline finds her captor all the man she could desire.
Still, a spy on the loose, a war with Napoleon, a scheming guardian and plenty of adventure await this pair of lovers on the road to destiny.

2] How to Marry a Marquis:
Browsing through the books in her employer’s library, Elizabeth Hotchkiss stumbles upon a most intriguing volume of edicts entitles “How to Marry a Marquis”.
Desperate to find the means to support her siblings, Elizabeth thinks marriage may be the only way out. Now to find a guide book with explicit instructions, outlining each edict, is just too much of a coincidence.
When her sister convinces her to practice the author’s advice on Lady Danbury’s new estate manager, Elizabeth is reluctant and yet desperation convinces her she has nothing to lose.
Bored with his life in London, James Sidwell, Marquis of Riverdale, is glad to come to the aid of his aunt, Lady Danbury, when she notifies him she is being blackmailed.
Previously a secret officer with the War Office, James is adept at ferreting out secrets. A master of disguise, no one will ever guess he is a marquis.
James is intrigued by the lovely, innocent and witty Elizabeth, and though he suspects her of being the blackmailer he cannot deny his attraction to her.
James discovers Elizabeth is just what she seems, an innocent angel trying to care for her family. Finding himself head over heels in love, he can do nothing without revealing his true identity and that must remain a secret.
Despite her need to find a rich husband, Elizabeth cannot deny her love for James. His plan goes awry when Elizabeth discovers his identity and feels she has been played for a fool. How can James convince her of his love? And who then is the blackmailer?

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