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The Circle series by Evelyn Vaughn, (books 1-3)
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Overview: Yvonne Jocks--aka Von Jocks and Evelyn Vaughn--believes in many magics, particularly the magic of stories. As Evelyn Vaughn, she has written four romantic suspense stories for Silhouette Shadows and now DreamScapes, an upcoming paranormal romance for Silhouette Intimate Moments (BURIED SECRETS, Feb. 2003), and an book 3 of Silhouette's upcoming "Family Secrets" series, titled DECODING PROTEUS (Aug. 2003). She uses the nickname Von Jocks for most of her work in fantasy anthologies such as A DANGEROUS MAGIC, CONSTELLATION OF CATS, and CREATURE FANTASTIC. And as Yvonne Jocks, she writes historical romance novels, mainly the "Rancher's Daughters" series for Leisure Books, as well as her academic work like editing the forthcoming reprint anthology from Berkley, A WITCHES' BREW.

Yvonne still loves the magic of stories, movies, books, and dreams. An unapologetic TV addict, she lives happily in Texas with her cats and her imaginary friends and teaches community-college English to support her writing habit--or vice versa. She is a member of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.
Genre: Romance.
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1. Waiting for the Wolf Moon: Sylvie Peabody, a powerful witch, begins investigating the strange and terrifying phenomena that happens in the small town of Stagwater when the full moon rises, which leads her to Rand Garner, a man whose animal magnetism and sensuality touch her soul.

2. Burning Times: Brigit and Steve Peabody had always shared a comfortable life. Then Steve started acting quite unlike himself, behaving more like a man possessed. Brigit had no explanation for her husband's terrifying transformation -- unless it had its roots in her secretive past, a past that now threatened to destroy their present happiness... and their very lives

3. Beneath the Surface: Deep in the Louisiana bayou lurked the heart of darkness -- and Guy Poitiers's penance. A tragedy in his youth had torn him away from his sweetheart, Mary Deveraux, and consumed his life with guilt. Now only Mary's white magic and a single gold coin offered clues to his salvation.

Mary had never forgotten the Cajun boy who'd been her best friend. And now the grown-up Guy was inspiring desires she knew he shared. But to settle the past, they would have to travel deep into the swamp to confront the very root of evil before it struck, and ended their chance of ever finding a happy ending.

The Circle: Four friends, four magical gifts, four loves to lost eternally.

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