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Apr 29th, 2013, 9:48 pm
Merkiaari Wars by Mark E. Cooper (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
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Overview: Mark E. Cooper lives alone in a small town in the south of England, where he writes most mornings and evenings. His background is in mechanical engineering where he spent over thirty years working for Ford. He loves reading about strong female characters and can often be found laughing to himself as he listens to a book on his iPod.
Genre: Science Fiction

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Hard Duty, Part 1
Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw sixteen point two billion people killed in a war with the merkiaari that had spanned decades. Two hundred and more years later, the Alliance is cautiously exploring beyond its borders once again, but the survey corp is only a small part of Fleet, its ships considered a mere gesture by some. General Burgton of the 501st Infantry Regiment is one such. He believes a lack of expansion is leading the Alliance into stagnationand has persuaded many to his view, including the current President. So when one small ship discovers a new alien race, it should be an easy decision to make contact, but what if the aliens are like the merkiaari? Captain Jeff Colgan of the survey ship ASN Canada is at the tip of the spear. His ship made the discovery, his crew's lives are on the line, his decisions will decide the outcome. Will the Alliance make new friends or new enemies? Will he be responsible for another sixteen billion deaths? The pressure is more than any one man can possibly take, but he has no choice but to shoulder it and perform his duty. He must investigate and make recommendations, but when the aliens discover his ship and begin hunting him through their system, his mission changes from one of study to one of survival.

What Price Honour, Part 2
Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw sixteen point two billion people killed in a war with the Merkiaari that had spanned decades. Only by the grace of God and the use of Nanotechnology were they defeated. The result of that Nanotech? Vipers, a regiment of super soldiers tasked with protecting the Alliance and annihilating the Merki. It was a job they performed with distinction, a job they completed almost two centuries ago. a job that had cost them their humanity. Thurston is an unimportant border world with a problem, a Marine type problem. Not the sort of place Gunnery Sergeant Gina Fuentez expected to find one of the fabled Viper cyborgs, but that's just what she discovers when a simple mission to extract an operative from a terrorist camp leads to a firefight and two of her squad dead. With friends dying around her and a world coming apart at the seams, Gina must decide if the Marine Corps is really her home, or just a stopping place to where she really belongs.

Operation Oracle, Part 3
Deep under The Mountain on Snakeholme, vast computer networks are running simulations, but they're flawed and General Burgton's self imposed mission to safeguard the Alliance is in jeopardy. Without reliable intelligence, he cannot protect the Alliance from itself, let alone the Merkiaari. The missions he authorises are blacker than black, so secret that only he and the agents performing them know of their existence, but every operation relies upon his seemingly miraculous fore-knowledge of events and he is starting to make mistakes. Needing a solution, Burgton breaks the Alliance's A.I ban and spends trillions of credits on project Oracle, but when the project fails, and desperation sends him looking for an answer, he compounds his crime. If he can't build an A.I, he'll just have to steal one!

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Apr 29th, 2013, 9:48 pm