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Five Kingdom series by Toby Neighbors (Five Kingdoms 1 - 5)
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Overview: To my readers and fans I want to say thank you for venturing into the worlds my imagination creates. Here is a little bit about me: I'm a full time novelist and the founder of Mythic Adventure Publishing. I believe stories capture us and transport us to worlds that echo the reality of our lives and show us who we want to be. I think John Eldredge said it best, "Facts speak to the mind but when you tell a story, you speak to the heart." After a decade in education and non-profit work, I decided to pursue my passion for writing exclusively. I'm a big advocate for the ebook revolution, and publish all my novels in digital format. After some reader's requests I have begun print publication of my best selling Five Kingdoms series.
Genre: Fantasy

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Five Kingdoms Omnibus, Books 1-3
Wizard Rising
In the Realm of the Five Kingdoms, magic is strictly controlled by a small group of powerful wizards who call themselves the Torr. Throughout the realm, magic lies dormant, sleeping, almost forgotten until Zollin discovers that he is a wizard. While he revels in his new powers and the realization that his life has purpose, malevolent wizards from the Torr, led by the scheming Branock, tirelessly seek him out. When at last they discover Zollin, a confrontation will ensue that will change the five kingdoms forever. Zollin is forced to flee his home and, with a small group of friends, find a way to survive until he can learn to use his powers to protect the people he cares about. Wizard Rising is a coming of age story that dives headfirst into a realm where magic is about to reawaken. So buckle up and hang on; the action comes fast and you won’t be able to put it down.

Magic Awakening
Power always comes at a price. In the Realm of the Five Kingdoms magic has been strictly controlled for centuries. Only a small group of wizards, known as the Torr, exercise the greatest magical powers, but their quest for control has pushed magic in the Five Kingdoms to the brink of extinction. When a young wizard named Zollin refused to submit his power to the Torr, he started more than just a desperate race for survival, his defiance sparked a magical awakening. As Zollin wrestles to understand and control his amazing powers, the world will change forever. Fantastic creatures will once again roam the Five Kingdoms, prompting a frenzied struggle from the people who seek to exploit Zollin’s power for their own gain. As nations clash and the powerful maneuver for supremacy, no one is safe, especially those closest to Zollin. Will the people he cares for the most be lost? Or can a young wizard, only just beginning to comprehend his purpose, risk everything to save what has become most precious to him?

Hidden Fire
What does it take to face a dragon? When a young wizard named Zollin begins to awaken the magical world, he also sets events in motion that will change the Five Kingdoms forever. In the north a dragon ravages villages and towns. The King's armies are powerless to stop the beast. Refugees begin fleeing to the larger cities in hope of finding safety. In the south, the Council of Kings plot an invasion. Under the influence of the Torr, a group of wizards who have held the Five Kingdoms in their power for three centuries, they turn their attention to bringing Zollin into their fold. They will stop at nothing to control his power, even if it means the assassination of the Crown Prince. As Zollin and his friends strive to bring peace to the Kingdom of Yelsia, they are faced with harrowing dangers and heart wrenching decisions that threaten to tear them apart.

Crying Havoc, Book 4
The Five Kingdoms are in chaos. Armies march to war led by the Master of the Torr, a powerful wizard who will stop at nothing to bring Zollin, a young wizard from the northern kingdom of Yelsia, under his control. Meanwhile, a rogue sorceress is bewitching every man who sees her, each one pledging his life and death to her cause. She sends men north to find the young wizard and bring him into her army. As kings strive for greater power among the Five Kingdoms and magical beasts awaken across the land, Zollin, the Wizard of Yelsia, is nowhere to be found.

Fierce Loyalty, Book 5
War! Kings have fallen and wizards battle magical creatures all across the Five Kingdoms. Zollin pursues his nemesis south, but he isn’t the only one focused on changing the Five Kingdoms. Offendorl, Master of the Torr limps home in hopes of regaining his former glory. Armies from Falxis and Ortis march toward Osla, intent on taking the wealthy kingdom’s treasures for themselves. King Zorlan dreams of conquering the Five Kingdoms and creating an Empire. And Gwendolyn the Sorceress Witch has returned to the tower of the Torr and taken her old master’s place. But will the feverish grasping for power reshape the Five Kingdoms for the better, or unleash something much, much worse?

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