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Once Upon a Time-Travel Series by Jill Myles
Requirements: Epub Reader / 418KB / 18+ Yrs
Overview: "I've always had a love for fairy tales and time travel - the Light stories combine both of those with a hot little dose of sexiness and the occasional appearance of one totally insane fairy godmother." ~ Jill Myles
Genre: Fantasy / Erotica


2 - Shimmerlight: Chloe Sorenson's just started a brand new job at Ms. Muffet’s art gallery. However, no one told her that the latest auction piece – a sculpture of a handsome Roman soldier – comes to life. Think it's hard to explain to your boss why you're fondling a statue? Try explaining to the statue why you're holding his, uh, fig leaf. Chloe never thought that touching the statue would turn him into a sexy, aroused man, but she's not saying no to this delicious Roman soldier. The curse requires that she touch him at all times? Such a hardship... But there's a problem in their lust-fueled relationship; she’s falling dangerously in love with a guy that cursed to be hard as a rock - literally - unless she can somehow free him. And the statue of Titus just went up for auction. If she doesn’t do something, he’s going to be out of her life and trapped for all eternity…

4 - Darklight: When Rose Hawthorne accepts the task that her fairy godmother sets upon her, it seems straightforward enough: steal a flower from the underworld. Not such a hard task for someone that’s acting as a stand-in for the Goddess of Spring. There’s just one tiny problem – fate seems destined to hurl her through the legend of Persephone. Now, she’s been kidnapped by an all-too seductive dark god who wants to teach her all the exquisite ways of passion…and Rose wants more than anything to be his willing pupil. But to stay in this world with Hades, she must complete the fairy godmother’s task. And completing it will force her to betray the man she desperately wants to belong to.

5 - Sunlight: Born with a bad heart, Hope Smith never thought she’d have any kind of life. Then again, she never imagined waking up in a medieval tower with her fairy godmother hovering over her. Hope’s been given a new lease on life – if she can figure out the curse on the maiden Rapunzel, she’s free to live out the rest of her days in Scotland in her new body. There’s a few problems, of course. For one, her hair is enchanted to grow at the slightest hint of sunlight. And her handsome prince? Not so handsome. But he’s accompanied by a big, burly Scotsman who makes Hope’s new heart flutter wildly. And with Callum’s help, she just might lick this curse thing.
Once she stops licking Callum’s muscles, of course…

6 - The Beast's Bride: When an unfortunate crash down the stairs takes Pippa’s life, her fairy godmother steps in and offers her an otherworldly task. If she can convince the Beast of another magical reality to marry his Beauty, Pippa will have a new life and won’t spend eternity haunting a parking garage. Sounds easy, right? Of course, any task assigned by fairy godmother Muffin has its challenges. Belle’s kind of a dunce, and the Beast isn’t exactly the cute and cuddly Beast of the movies. But the more time Pippa spends with him? The more she sees that maybe he’s not so beastly on the inside… How’s Pippa supposed to convince Belle to marry the Beast when she wants him for herself?

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