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The Magestorm Series By Chris Fornwalt
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Overview: Chris is originally from Decatur, Illinois. Today, he lives in Colorado with his wife and son. A love of writing as a child has carried over, and though it's more of a hobby than a job, he maintains his passion for trying to tell interesting and enjoyable stories.
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Genre: Fantasy


Magestorm: The Awakening
Dhane, son of the great wizard Algernon, is the only male on the witch council. In fact, he's the only male allowed to practice magic at all.
Many years ago, Algernon went mad and committed atrocities against members of the council. The vampires were a target as well. Finally the witches prevailed, and Algernon is long since dead. But his son must carry on, hated because of a father he never even knew.
The vampires and werewolves are captives of the witch council for everyone's safety. Their hatred of each other could lead to streets flowing red with blood. Now Dhane must navigate in a world where the vampires despise him, the witches distrust him and the werewolves would use him for their own purposes. But not everyone is out to harm him.
Amelia, the beautiful and powerful werewolf would seduce him with lust. Heather, the mysterious and dangerous vampire would seduce him with power. Dhane will do whatever he can to keep his urges for each of them at bay.
Something is brewing, however. Rumors of Algernon's spell book put everyone on edge. Is it the key to freedom for the werewolves and vampires? Could it be a temptation to pull Dhane down his father's path?
The Magestorm trilogy will answer these questions and follow Dhane as he decides which path to follow, which woman to love, and what the ultimate cost will be to survive in a world that fears and hates him.

Magestorm: The Embracing
Dhane returns from his quest for the truth about his family. He now has a clearer vision of what his father was and had hoped to become. Will this new knowledge direct Dhane's future?
While Dhane was away, the Witch Council has changed. It is now time of harmony with Xander, his werewolves and the witches. But with this change, have also come royal vampires. What are the intentions of these vampires? Could this be the beginning of true peace amongst the three species, or is this the first step towards all out war? Will Algernon's past once again have a brutal impact on the present?
The Magestorm trilogy continues in the second book, The Embracing, and by the end, nothing will be the same!

Magestorm: The Reckoning
The witch council is gone. The surviving members of the defunct group are scattered, just trying to survive. Only Dhane still has thoughts of rising up against Elisabeth and her minions.
The evil witch still has concerns about the mage. As long as he's alive, she can't allow herself to relax. A final victory over him is needed to secure her power.
In Magestorm: The Reckoning, Dhane will try to lead one final assault against his enemies and put an end to their plans for domination. As in all wars, there will be casualties. Who will survive? Will Dhane become like his father, as everyone has feared? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Magestorm trilogy.

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