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The Songreaver's Tale Series by Andrew Hunter
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Overview: My name is Andrew Hunter. I am an artist and writer living in the Pacific Northwest with my wife, two kids, and a cat.
My love of fantasy began in my early youth, reading Tolkien and Lewis and came of age in the scary, wonderful days when all the parents were worried that Dungeons and Dragons was going to make their kids go crazy like Tom Hanks in that movie on the TV. Somehow, I survived to grow up, despite the best efforts of all those corrupting influences like Gygax, Lovecraft, and Lieber. My deepest gratitude to all of them.

Genre: Fantasy


The Necromancer's Nephew (The Songreaver's Tale, #1)
When the Dragon Lord’s army destroys the city of Brenhaven, ten year old Garrett is badly burned and left for dead in the ashes. Rescued by a mysterious sorcerer, Garrett finds a new life, and learns a grisly trade in Wythr, the tomb-city of necromancers. Now, with the help of a ghoul, a zombie, and a girl who drinks blood, Garrett must discover the secrets buried beneath the ancient city and find a way to end the Dragon Lord’s fiery reign.

The Hungering Flame (The Songreaver's Tale, #2)
Garrett, an apprentice necromancer, flees the tomb city of Wythr with the help of his friends, a ghoul who likes pies and the vampire girl he would follow anywhere. Can they find the lost necromancers and their army of the dead, rumored destroyed by the fanatical war priests of the Chadiri Empire? Garrett must face his greatest fears and escape the cleansing flames of the inquisition in the hope of forging a new alliance that might turn the tide of the war.

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