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Natural Beauty Series by Holley Trent (Books #1 & #2)
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Overview: Romance Writer Holley Trent grew up in rural Eastern North Carolina somewhere between the Great Dismal Swamp and Albemarle Sound. She graduated from the nation's oldest public university and can be frequently spotted wearing Carolina Blue during basketball season.

Her heroines are smart and plucky, her heroes accommodating, and her supporting characters reliable at providing comic relief even in improbable situations.

Although Holley has moved way west of home, her contemporary romances are almost always set in North Carolina because there's just so much history and culture there to delve into...and the place breeds some pretty extraordinary characters!

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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1. Accounting for Cole: Prudish accountant Macy Vickers couldn't have predicted she'd end an evening freezing cold, soaking wet, and sans panties in a female impersonator's hotel room. However, twenty years of friendship with the two most irresponsible party girls in Eastern North Carolina has taught her to expect the unexpected. While playing chaperone to the ladies at a drag revue, Macy gets served a roach appetizer, doused with cola, and tossed into a pool by a rampaging cross-dresser.

Cole Pearson is happy to play rescuer. In fact, he sees the frazzled number cruncher as a kindred spirit. Unless he's willing to hang up his high heels, though, Macy doesn't see their affair going anywhere. He's a rolling stone…in fishnets.

Still, life was a drag before she met him, and no other man has ever made her cheeks burn just with a grin. She'd never accounted for a man like him, but who could have?

Warnings: Contains snark, adult language, and cheeky sexual innuendo.

2. Polished Slick: Oil and water, or yin and yang?

Jerry Rouse lacks the three basic things Trinity Jordan requires to consider him her equal: education, class, and ambition. What he does have are piercings, bawdy tats, and a head full of blond dreads. All those things make the tech guy stick out like a sore thumb in conservative Eastern North Carolina.

Jerry lives life to the beat of his own drummer, and couldn’t care less what his bossy coworker thinks of him. In fact, he loves to rile the straight-laced preppy up just to see her blush.

When the cosmetics company they’ve helped build is rocked by sabotage attempts that threaten to delay the launch of the brand’s nail polish line, the two have little choice but to call a truce until the culprit is uncovered. That’s not all they uncover.

Being thrown together makes the two realize that perhaps they’re not so incompatible. But, who can think about love when their livelihoods are on the line?

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