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Forbidden Lovers Boxed Set by Jennifer Blake, Christina Skye, Deanna Chase, Tamelia Tumlin
Requirements: MOBI reader 1.13MB
Overview: Dangerous ghosts, beautiful witches, hot dragonshifters and sweeping time travel--they're all here in this 4-book collection by some of today's most popular romance authors.
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Empath Jade Calhoun loves her new apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street--until a ghost joins her in the shower. When the ghost starts terrorizing Pyper, Jade's new exotic dancer friend, Jade needs not only her unique ability but the help of Kane, her sexy landlord, who's already betrayed her with a secret of his own, to save Pyper. (Novel)

A DRAGON'S SEDUCTION -- Tamelia Tumlin
A rogue dragon terrorizes New Orleans and firefighter cum dragonshifter Brayden is hot on its tail. But other Magik's at play too, and his sworn enemy, a sorceress battling her past, will need to help quench the fires burning his city--along with the one she's ignited in his heart. (Novella)

Carita Gray has inherited her father's gift: the ability to kill through the strength of her passion. It means she can never fall in love. Until the powerful warlock Renfrey who shares her gift declares his desire for her--desire to which she dares not succumb. Can they survive each other's ardor? (Novella)

FALLEN -- Christina Skye
On a night of dreams and danger, a Crusader knight is torn from the past on a mission of honor--and deadly revenge. Only through magic can he protect the innocence of a stubborn woman who has learned to trust no one. (Category-Length Novel)

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