Speculative fiction, alternative worlds, futuristic, supernatural, horror
Oct 26th, 2013, 3:42 am
Keepers of the Hidden Ways Trilogy by Joel Rosenberg (Books 1-3)
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Overview: College students Torrie Thorsen, Maggie Christensen, Ian Silverstein, and the town of Hardwood, ND faces secrets long kept and their respective destinies, as old gods, powerful nations, and elder beings hunt for the ancient Orfindel and the knowledge only he has - knowledge granting enough power to rule the universe, to reshape it, or to utterly destroy it.
Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi

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The Fire Duke
When he brought Maggie Christensen and fencing buddy, Ian Silverstein, home to Hardwood, N.D., for spring break, Torrie Thorsen anticipated nothing more than a carefree vacation. He never expected that werewolves would drag his mother and his girlfriend screaming from the house in the dead of night - or that he and his father, Thorian, would end up joining them as hostages on a secret trail into an inconceivable world. For the Thorsen destiny lies where the family's history began - in a place of legend called Tir Na Nog, where Thor thundered and Odin still walks. But an unlikely champion approaches from the reality they have abandoned - a displaced young hero who travels in the company of Gods. For it is Ian Silverstein who must raise his sword to save his captive friends - and prevent the fiery coming of Ragnarok, the End of All Days.

The Silver Stone
Ian Silverstein returns to the magical realm of Tir Na Nog. The threat of war looms, disturbing the tenuous peace that exists between the world's ruling noble houses, and Ian must find a way to stop the seemingly inevitable conflict. For, it turns out, Ian may be the "Peacekeeper" of legend, chosen by the great god Odin himself.

The Crimson Sky
In earlier books, three young college friends discovered timeless, secret portals into the alternate world called Tir Na Nog and successfully located two magical jewels. Now they seek a third jewel as struggles between noble ruling houses push them perilously close to war. Meanwhile, at home in the "real world, " an evil being is stalking family and friends of one of the young heroes. Now they must find the stone, defuse the increasingly volatile political situation n Tir Na Nog, and stop the evil one before he can destroy more innocent lives.

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