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Luna Werewolves series by Marcy Jacks (Book 13-18)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, 4.1mb
Overview: Marcy Jacks lives and works in Ontario, Canada where she is fervently pursuing the writer's life while writing about lots of gorgeous guys.
Genre: MM Romance

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13. In Lust with the Enemy: Rory Greenberg travels back in time to be with his brothers before it is too late. Unfortunately, he’s sort of new to the whole time traveling thing, so he doesn’t expect to land right in the middle of winter, or inside of a werewolf camp who immediately scent that he is a luna werewolf and capture him.
Allan Edwards never had much regard for luna werewolves, but he’s a prisoner in this pack as well, and one sniff of the other man lets him know that they are mated. Allan has no intention of leaving his mate behind.
Escaping is easy, but surviving the snowstorm is hard, and the only thing Allan can do is trust Rory when he leads him to another pack, this one full of luna werewolves, and Allan has to convince them to not kill him before Rory can recover and explain their situation. Not an easy task considering he used to hunt their kind.

14. The Beauty of the Beast: Alexander Aubrey spent the last ten years of his life alone after the betrayal of a lover and the deaths of most his pack. One night he scents Rupert Bellamy running for his life from the pack of alphas living nearby, and after ten years of nothingness, he's found his mate.
The problem is that even after he saves Bellamy's life and brings him back to the mansion where he lives, the alphas are waiting for them to come out. Then there's the fact that his face is badly scarred, and Bellamy is incredibly handsome. But despite that, Bellamy wants to be with him, enough that he's willing to give up his life in the city and risk the angry alphas outside who want his blood. However, Alex was betrayed once already, and it cost him so much.
When he gets wind that Bellamy might have already betrayed him, it puts their fragile new relationship to the ultimate test.

15. The Stolen Mate: Kyle Dean spent nine months of his life in a coma after being turned into a werewolf against his will. His body had a negative reaction to the bite, but fortunately, the first person he sees when he wakes up isn't the man who bit him, but his mate.
Colt Armstrong owes Lawrence everything. Lawrence saved Colt's life and turned him into a werewolf. He would never betray the man. Except when he's given the chore of guarding his comatose mate, and within minutes of stepping into the room, Kyle is not only awake, but telling him that he is not mated to Lawrence.
Colt doesn't want to betray his alpha, but he can't leave the new and frightened omega in a pack that would force him to mate with Lawrence. He will do anything to keep Kyle safe and protected, even going to a pack of luna werewolves, the most dangerous of all werewolves, and asking for sanctuary.

16. This Undeniable Craving: Derek Terrell is a luna werewolf, and he never wanted to find a mate. Then he found one, in the worst possible place. The pack of the enemy, the wolves who want him, his family, and his pack, dead. Instinct demands he go to his mate to be claimed, and he can only fight it for so long, even if it means his mate might kill him to avoid mating with him.
Jake Aeron has heard the terrible stories of luna werewolves. His first instinct is to keep it a secret and kill Derek quickly and painlessly so that he won’t be forced to watch the rest of his pack torture the man the death once they find out, but he can't. One touch from Derek and Jake’s lost forever. Now he must find a way to keep his mate safe while he comes to terms with the fact that he just might’ve been in the wrong the entire time.

17. In Love with Monsters: Alpha wolf Rabbit McKormick has met the perfect man. Sweet, talented, attractive as hell, and more importantly, attracted to Rabbit as well. Better than all of this is when Rabbit takes Benjamine Stiles off for some alone time and discovers they're mates. Then Benjie stabs him in the stomach with a silver knife.
Benjie can hardly believe he went to bed with a werewolf. He's not a hunter, but his father is, and Benjie knows a trick or two for defending himself. Despite this, he can't bring himself to make the killing blow, and another group of alphas from a rival pack come in and take them both.
The oddest thing is when Rabbit defends Benjie. So when Benjie escapes, he has to choose whether or not he wants to take the risk setting Rabbit free as well, because of a new and barely there feeling Benjie has for Rabbit, that has the potential to become so much more.

18. Hungry Like a Wolf: Owen Castel has been searching for his kidnapped mate for the last four months. He's been held hostage by a group of nearly wild alphas, so when Owen finds him pregnant, he wants revenge on the men he believed did it.
Peter Buchanan thought that he wasn't in love with Owen. It was just about the sex to satisfy their mating urges. But after four months in the hands of cruel alphas, Peter can now look at the truth and forgive Owen for his time as an alpha of the enemy pack. Too bad he's dead.
So when Owen comes back from the grave and saves Peter, taking him away from the alphas, Peter is determined to make it work this time. The pup he carries is Owen's, and he doesn't want to lose his mate again because Owen's wolf is hungry for revenge.

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