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Holiday Jobs That Don't Suck series by Jackie Nacht (Books #1-11)
Requirements: PDF reader, size #1-8=3.34MB, #9=353KB, #10=366KB, #11=375KB
Overview: "Short, sexy and sweet—where a little love goes a long way.
That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. I was introduced to M/M Romance through my sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, I thought it was time to put my own stories on paper. I began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after…and sometimes more than one, in the case of my YA Fork in the Road series, which has interactive endings.
Thinking back to my own book addiction, where there were many nights I stayed up way too late so I could read just one more chapter—yeah, right—I decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life."
Genre: Erotic Holiday Romance, M/M


1. Bewitched at the Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkins and corn mazes—can Lawson stick it out long enough in his hellish holiday job for a chance to be with Hayden?
College football player Lawson’s funds are starting to get a little thin for him to make it to the end of the semester. Finding the flyer to work at the Pumpkin Patch seems to be the answer to his empty pockets, until he starts working there. Now he finds himself stuck in a job from hell. The only motivation he has is hoping that the pumpkin artist—art major Hayden—will notice him before the season ends.
Can he stick it out long enough to ask Hayden out? And will Hayden run screaming for the door when he finds out where he lives?

2. Full Disclosure on Black Friday: Stores open at midnight. Look for sales, the season’s hottest toys, long lines, fighting and two friends revealing their love for one another on Black Friday
Chaddrick had been friends with Xathan for years. Now that they are in college rooming together he realizes he’s actually fallen for his best friend. After having a long talk over Thanksgiving with his sister, he finally works up the courage to admit his feelings to his best friend…at the toy store he works at on Black Friday.
Xathan has given every signal to Chaddrick that he’s willing to move their friendship into relationship. He doesn’t want to lose the bond they have, but knows that Chaddrick is the one meant for him. So when he sees Chaddrick come stumbling through the toy store doors at his job…he has no idea what to expect. Tired of not admitting his feelings, he wants to tell his friend the truth. Will he be able to confess to his friend he’s in love with him and if so, can he do it in a store full of shoppers?

3. Paper Cuts & Mistletoe: Who thought paper cuts and sabotaging Christmas lights could bring two men together?
Kipp is having one hell of a time after graduating from college. Subbing jobs are pretty inconsistent and desperate times call for desperate measures. He finds himself working as a gift wrapper at the department store in the mall during the Christmas season. Kipp can freely admit that he sucks at it but needs the cash to stay in his tiny apartment. Then he sees Jesse working at the mall, the guy he grew up with but never had the courage to talk to. Can these two finally connect after all these years? Is this nightmarish job going to give him the best present of all…an opportunity to get to know the crush he’s had most of his life?

4. Cupids and Wardrobe Malfunctions: Cooper from Bewitched at the Pumpkin Patch is back and is now having his own holiday hell.
Cooper is one of the happiest guys around, except for the last month. He’s been crushing on the assistant in the training room, Derek Kent, but when he goes to ask him out, Derek instead pledges the fraternity. Cooper doesn’t want him to become a target, so he tries to wait his attraction out.
Now it’s time for Cooper to be in charge of the fraternity’s annual Valentine’s date party. He knows he’s going to have to make sure the kegs are filled, the music works, no fights break out, and keep the fourteen pledges in line. However, it’s hard for him to keep his mind on his job when he sees Derek coming into the party wearing nothing but Cupid’s wings and boxer briefs. Cooper knows as an active member he shouldn’t touch the pledge, however, every man has his breaking point. Will this be his?

5. Pink Bunny Ears...Seriously?: Only for the man he loves would Merrick ever wear pink bunny ears and a floppy tail.
Three and half years ago, Merrick moved across the country to go to the small college in Washington where, in his first week, he met fellow student and local, Darren. They immediately hit it off and began dating. Now in their senior year, both have just aced their midterms and plan on going out to celebrate until Darren’s mom calls. Merrick finds himself being asked to help Darren work at one of his mom’s card shops working as none other than…the Easter bunny. Now, all Merrick has to do is suck it up and get through one day so he can have his special night with the man he loves. But little does Darren know that Merrick has more than just a date planned...

6. But I Look Terrible in Green: Can a little luck help these two men’s feelings ignite during the St. Patrick’s Pub madness?
Since the beginning of his senior year in college, Jimmy has lived above the very popular Irish Pub O’Dwyer’s. Sure, the music is loud and the co-eds constantly party, but the bonus is seeing graduate student Niall come in and out of work on a daily basis. Working separate shifts hasn’t given the two much time to get to know one another. So it’s quite a shock when Niall comes pounding on his door on St. Patrick’s Day asking for help working at the pub on the busiest day of the year. Even though Jimmy just finished with his own shift, being next to Niall for the night is too tempting to resist. Will sparks finally ignite? And will Jimmy find himself having a little luck of the Irish to finally make Niall notice him?

7. The Firecracker and the Rocket: Sparks will ignite under their passion if these two can just get their acts together.
Casey has held a yearlong crush on Vin Sumpter. When the man keeps coming to his place of work with date after date, he calls Vin out on it only to come to find out things aren’t what they seem. Now, it’s a month later, and Casey is still embarrassed as hell when Vin decides to work at the fireworks tent located in the parking lot of O’Dwyer’s, the pub where Casey works.
Vin Sumpter is tired of playing cat and mouse. Ever since his friend Derek pointed Casey out to him, he hasn’t been able to keep the man out his mind. So, when he is offered the chance to work near Casey, Vin does everything to make the man his.
Will sparks begin to ignite for Vin and Casey? And what will happen when Vin’s summer term is up and he has to leave campus?

8. Steamy Cider and Apples: Can these two fall for one another while making hot, steamy...cider?
Tyler has a problem. He doesn’t have the funds to cover his fraternal dues this year and needs to find a job. After going to his fraternity treasurer, Mitch, Tyler finds himself working with Mitch's hot twin brother, Sawyer.
Sawyer has had a crush on Tyler since he first saw the man at his twin’s crazy fraternity. When opportunity arises for the two to work together at the cider mill, Sawyer won’t waste any time to ask Tyler out and hope the two will become more.
Will there be steamy feelings, and will they fall for each other?

9. Giving a Little TLC: Cancelled flight, car breakdown and Black Friday—Quinn has a Thanksgiving that is one example of Murphy’s Law after another, but then, there’s the handsome twin Mitch...
Quinn has the worst luck. His flight home for Thanksgiving is cancelled due to the weather, and now, an unexpected invite has him spending the holiday with his frat brother Sawyer and his sexy twin brother Mitch. Between a car breakdown, a family member who is a militant shopper and preparing the holiday meal, somehow Mitch and Quinn find themselves having a romantic fling. The only problem is: hearts begin to get involved? And once they get back to campus, can the two somehow become more?

10. Sappy Pine Trees and Sticky Fingers: Tis the season—pine needles, sap and frozen limbs, yet these two can still feel the heat between them.
Three years ago, Grant left for school, but he didn’t leave without regret. An attraction to his friend Wyatt that he’d never pursued has haunted him these past years. Finally, while home for the holiday break, he has a second chance when he runs into none other than Wyatt himself.
Wyatt has always regretted the moment lost between him and Grant. When Grant starts working at Wyatt’s family Christmas tree farm, Wyatt can sense that the feelings between them have never dwindled in all the time that they were apart. A second chance is brought before them, but what will happen when Grant has to return to school?

11. Roses Are Red and Thorny...Ouch!: Asking someone out for Valentine’s Day is simple, getting them there without a vehicle? Not so easy.
Shaun works at the local flower shop while going to college full time. As Valentine’s Day approaches, he has to watch all the people come in and get flowers for their significant other. Wishing he had a Valentine, he didn’t expect a sexy man to walk right in the shop and ask him out.
Ian has watched his friends find their partners all year, and when one forces him to go to the flower shop, he spots the sexiest geek he’s ever laid eyes on. Asking him out is easy, going on a date without a car…oh crap!

Download Instructions:
1-8: http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/92803053/file.html
9: http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/18981491/file.html
10: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/19901669/file.html
11: http://www.tusfiles.net/33fv8egngpwv

1-8: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/839d65cd03/
9: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/b1be1faa98/
10: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/07ad2d3a77/
11: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/11a931423c/JN-HJTDS11.zip

PS Please PM me when link(s) down; don't post in this topic.
I've lost many files, so bear in mind not all broken links can be fixed.

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Added Book 9

PS Please PM me when link(s) down; don't post in this topic.
I've lost many files, so bear in mind not all broken links can be fixed.

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Added Book 11

PS Please PM me when link(s) down; don't post in this topic.
I've lost many files, so bear in mind not all broken links can be fixed.

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