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Dec 9th, 2013, 12:45 am
Seal Team Six series by Don Mann & Ralph Pezzullo
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Overview: Navy SEAL Team Six commando Don Mann infuses his debut military thriller with the real-life details only a true insider can reveal.
Genre: Military Thriller

1. Hunt the Wolf
In the midst of a grueling training exercise, Thomas Crocker, USN, unearths a pocket of terrorism that leads straight from the slopes of K2 to the cities of Europe and the Middle East. Crocker and his team, who are trained for the most intense kinds of combat in the most extreme environments, must blaze through a perilous web of terrorist cells to track down a ruthless sheikh who is running an international kidnapping ring before his captives pay the ultimate price.

HUNT THE WOLF is an adrenaline-packed novel sure to appeal to fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, featuring the world's most elite soldiers and based on the experiences of renowned SEAL Team 6 commando Don Mann.

2. Hunt the Scorpion
A series of attacks all over the globe are linked by a single, deadly intent: someone is gathering everything they need to make a dirty bomb. The terrorists behind it are shadows; their targets unknown.
Navy SEAL Commander Thomas Crocker and his elite team need answers. They need to go to the source: to track down the material the terrorists are searching for, and stop it falling into the wrong hands.
The hunt takes them through the Yemen, to a hijacked boat off the Somali coast, and into the chaos of post-revolutionary Libya...where their mission becomes terrifyingly personal.

Don Mann was on active duty with SEAL team six until 1998. HUNT THE SCORPION combines his real-life insight with pulse-pounding action and non-stop thrills.

3. Hunt the Falcon
SEAL Team Six and Thomas Crocker are back hunting their most elusive adversary yet: The Falcon.

HUNT THE FALCON finds SEAL Team Six chasing "The Falcon," an Iranian terrorist who has been stealing Libyan nuclear material. The hunt takes the team from Bangkok to Caracas in search of The Falcon's forces. Crocker convinces the powers that be to allow him to operate in Iran, and he and the team go in full black in order to take down their mark.

Meanwhile, Crocker's estranged father--a former firefighter and hell-raiser who was kicked out of the Navy as a young seaman--reappears, forcing Crocker to recognize his life outside the shadows of SEAL life. It's not easy when work calls over 300 days of the year, and when it's this essential to take an enemy down.

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Dec 9th, 2013, 12:45 am

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