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    by Disk4mat Jan 8th, 2012, 1:26 am
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    by uncouth
    Today, 4:33 am
    Mobilism v2.1.0.27 for Android
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    Apps intended for mature audiences
    1037 TOPICS
    5042 POSTS
    BY kirica
    Yesterday, 1:31 pm
    Business & Finance
    Any software used for business and personal finance
    5005 TOPICS
    8724 POSTS
    BY Nocna Furia
    23 minutes ago
    Any kind of program used for calculations
    3635 TOPICS
    5421 POSTS
    BY derrin
    Today, 2:11 pm
    Apps to communicate, list your contacts, etc.
    17088 TOPICS
    37882 POSTS
    BY derrin
    19 minutes ago
    Any kind of teaching or educational software
    8913 TOPICS
    18027 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    23 minutes ago
    Other OS emulators, game system emulators and any other emulator software
    2038 TOPICS
    6341 POSTS
    Today, 2:54 pm
    Hobby, sports, and other programs that are not games but provide entertainment
    9986 TOPICS
    24793 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    16 minutes ago
    GPS applications, rather than GPS navigation software
    7282 TOPICS
    20627 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    31 minutes ago
    Health & Fitness
    Workouts, nutrition, tracking
    10842 TOPICS
    20908 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    12 minutes ago
    Home Screen & Widgets
    Applications on your home screen, mostly widgets
    19311 TOPICS
    40263 POSTS
    BY neo4all
    Today, 5:07 pm
    Voice command, software keyboards, and other input applications
    3986 TOPICS
    12540 POSTS
    BY ronbear
    Today, 4:22 pm
    Internet & Network
    Browsers, messengers, email clients, download utilities
    26350 TOPICS
    65730 POSTS
    BY 1537118186
    1 minute ago
    Reading, math, keep your kids busy
    1036 TOPICS
    2121 POSTS
    BY HershB4A
    Yesterday, 12:56 am
    Dictionaries, encyclopedias
    4601 TOPICS
    11595 POSTS
    BY HershB4A
    Today, 12:19 pm
    Media & Video
    Video viewers, online TV, etc.
    26580 TOPICS
    78424 POSTS
    BY derrin
    28 minutes ago
    For professionals. Encyclopedias, databases, etc.
    2133 TOPICS
    8292 POSTS
    BY DynamicMods
    Yesterday, 6:24 am
    Music & Audio
    From music players to sound recording
    18623 TOPICS
    51100 POSTS
    BY Sperafico
    17 minutes ago
    News & Magazines
    Your favorite news sources
    6442 TOPICS
    14778 POSTS
    BY lino5
    Today, 1:33 pm
    Office & Productivity
    Document viewers, eBook readers, office apps
    28190 TOPICS
    51625 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    13 minutes ago
    Apps that make use of your camera, camera effects, graphics programs
    21957 TOPICS
    40418 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    27 minutes ago
    Android related PC or Mac (or any other computer OS) software. Movie encoders, synchronization, development, etc.
    1152 TOPICS
    4649 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    Today, 10:07 am
    Programming & Development
    Programming, coding, app development
    515 TOPICS
    1342 POSTS
    BY ZackModz
    Yesterday, 2:18 pm
    Schedule & Calendar
    Time management, calendars
    6064 TOPICS
    10527 POSTS
    BY Nocna Furia
    Today, 1:07 pm
    Call blocking, virus protection, eWallets, encryption tools
    6195 TOPICS
    15930 POSTS
    BY derrin
    56 minutes ago
    Discounts, shopping apps, anything that helps you make purchases online
    1116 TOPICS
    1717 POSTS
    BY Nocna Furia
    Today, 3:03 pm
    From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between
    9701 TOPICS
    17377 POSTS
    BY dogz5
    Today, 4:45 am
    System tune-up, optimization, tweaking
    53235 TOPICS
    113241 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    9 minutes ago
    Traveling guides, non-GPS maps, useful travel information
    3314 TOPICS
    6780 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    29 minutes ago
    Religious texts, calendars, guidelines
    892 TOPICS
    2278 POSTS
    BY DragonKing
    Jul 17th, 2021, 7:32 pm
    Wallpapers & Themes
    Live wallpapers and themes for other software
    65751 TOPICS
    88949 POSTS
    BY ogo2012
    4 minutes ago
    Weather forecast
    8566 TOPICS
    15405 POSTS
    BY Balatan
    7 minutes ago
    Watches and other gear powered by Android Wear
    685 TOPICS
    1185 POSTS
    BY ShivangParikh
    Jul 10th, 2021, 2:06 pm
    Anything that does not fit into one of the other categories
    5889 TOPICS
    14309 POSTS
    BY morta2
    Today, 11:33 am
    Software Packages
    Releases with more than one app from different categories
    52 TOPICS
    438 POSTS
    BY batlongthienam
    Jul 15th, 2021, 12:35 am

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