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Aug 1st, 2010, 12:12 am
General Site Rules

#1.1 Flaming is not allowed. Racism, as well as flaming and insulting members will not be tolerated. Treat others positively and with respect.

#1.2 Do not mini-mod. We would like to encourage and thank members who use the report button but do not impersonate a moderator.

#1.3 No porn/excessive profanity in your profiles, signatures or avatars.

#1.4 Do not harass other members. This goes for both posts and private messages.

#1.5 Moderators on Mobilism are authority figures and are to be treated with respect. Criticism of moderators is allowed, but personal attacks on moderators will be dealt with severely. Users may be banned for harassing a moderator.

#1.6 Users are allowed to have multiple accounts. However:
(a) Sockpuppeting is not allowed
(b) Users are not allowed to use multiple accounts in Contests or in Requests
(c) Users with more than one account are not allowed to have one account interact in any way with another. This includes but is not limited to: responding to their own posts, bumping their own topics, thanking their own topics, donating WRZ$ to themselves.
(d) Banned users may not create a new account or post from or through a secondary account to circumvent the ban
(e) Users may not use secondary accounts to circumvent the rules in any way

#1.7 Lying or otherwise attempting to mislead a moderator or administrator when a moderator or administrator is acting in official capacity and when the subject is related to official site matters is not allowed and may be punishable.

Posting Etiquette

#4.1 Don't post everything ALL IN CAPS. This is considered shouting and is unacceptable.

#4.2 Don't post everything in large font.

#4.3 Don't post all text in a single color other than black unless there is a good reason for it.

#4.4 Don't post excessively large pictures

#4.5 Don't quote very long posts, quote the relevant part

#4.6 Do not hijack a thread by going off topic: always stay relevant to the topic.


#5.1 Do not Spam.
We want your posts to have substance (as if you are taking part in a verbal conversation), something that other members can reply to.

#5.2 No posting self-gain links (for example requesting money or referrals).

#5.3 Moderators retain the right to remove posts that seek to draw members away from Mobilism and ban users seeking to do it.

#5.4 Posts, files or file archives that link or in any way contain adware, spyware or any other malicious content is strictly forbidden. The user who posted it may be punished regardless of whether he was aware of the malicious nature of the content or not.

#5.5 Don't make simple "thank you" posts
These posts spam the forum and make it difficult to find posts with content. If you wish to say thank you add something useful to your post (not just "Thanks, works great") or use The Thumbs Up/Thank You button.

#5.6 Mobilism reserves the right to ban users who, or delete posts that, use Mobilism to promote other sites or platforms.


#2.2 Be sure to follow the "How to post a release" sticky's guidelines when posting a release, and any other rules of the section you are posting in. Each release section contains a "How to post a release" sticky. Be sure that you are familiar with the rules before posting a release. Posting rules are unique to each section.

#3.1 Files for releases have to be uploaded either onto filehosts or direct links to the file provided. You are not allowed to link to another site which contains a further link towards the download. You must post your own links.

#3.2 You are required to have a copy of the file(s) from your release so that if the file(s) you uploaded expires/get deleted you are able to reupload it/them.


#3.3 Be sure to follow the stickies at the top of the requests section when posting a request. Posting rules are unique to each requests section.

#3.4 Not paying the promised WRZ$ after a request is fulfilled may result in a ban

#10.2 Users may not make requests for a total amount of WRZ$ larger than the amount of WRZ$ they currently have

#2.3 You may not post in a release to ask the original poster for content irrelevant to the release. Example: you may post to ask for an updated version of an app, but you may not post to ask for a different app

Warnings & Bans

#7.1 Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment.
This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warning depending on the offense.

#7.2 A Section Head may choose to ban a user from his/her section. This ban will be initiated by a PM informing the offending user that he may no longer post in a particular section. If the user continues to post in that section, the user may be banned from Mobilism via the forum software.

#7.3 A user may not help an already banned user by making posts for him or her.

Avatars & Signatures

#8.1 Avatars can only be 80KB or less in total file size.

#8.2 The total maximum dimensions for all images in a signature is 500px (width) by 200px (height) horizontally only.

#8.3 Signatures can only be 100KB or less in total file size.


#10.1 Users may not create multiple accounts for the purposes of earning extra WRZ$


For a list of staff positions see here:

#9.1 A ban can be appealed by emailing admin [at] Be sure to indicate in the email what your Mobilism username is. A ban will only be repealed, limited or in any way changed following discussion and background information being provided by the person who placed the ban.

#9.2 A moderator's actions can be appealed by contacting the Section Head of the section the moderator belongs to. An appeal will only be considered, and a decision made, following discussion and background information being provided by the person whose decision is being appealed. Once an appeal is addressed and concluded, the user who initiated the appeal must either cease discussing the ban or appeal on Mobilism or Mobilism's social media pages.

#9.3 A Section Head's actions can be appealed by contacting an Administrator. If the Section Head is an Administrator, the appeal should go to another Administrator. An appeal will only be considered, and a decision made, following discussion and background information being provided by the person whose decision is being appealed. Once an appeal is addressed and concluded, the user who initiated the appeal must either cease discussing the ban or appeal on Mobilism or Mobilism's social media pages.

Users' Bill of Rights

#11.1 User's data will not be shared by staff members with any external third party. This data includes but is not limited to IPs, emails, posts in private sections and private messages.

#11.2 Users have a right to criticize moderators, but only as long as that criticism cannot be considered flaming (rule #1.1) or harassment (rule #1.4)

#11.3 Users may not be banned retroactively for an action committed before it became forbidden

#11.4 Staff members may only ban users for breaking a rule indicated in the Site Rules, a section's rules, or a particular topic's rules.

#11.5 Staff members may punish or restrict a users usage of the site by:
(a) Fining the user in WRZ$ for an amount fitting of the offence
(b) forbidding the use of site features such as private messaging or editing,
(c) removing access to a private section
(d) deleting offending posts or topics
(e) requesting that the user stop posting in a particular topic, forum or section (in the event that the user continues posting the user may be banned from Mobilism)
(f) banning the user from Mobilism


1/8/10 [XVI] - New Rules
1/8/10 [XVI] - #2.6
4/8/10 [XVI] - #4.3 Added Romanian Language
28/8/10 [XVI] - #2.7
13/9/10 [XVI] - #2.8
5/2/11 [XVI] - #2.6 Clarified more to rule
30/4/11 [XVI] - #2.4 Clarified more to rule
8/6/11 [XVI] - #2.9 Added detailed Requiremnets
20/2/13 [Phex] - #3.2 Removed megaupload and rapidshare, added extabit and rapidgator
27/6/13 [Disk4mat] - #3.3 Redirectors allowed in Android and Movies
13/12/13 [michaldu] - #3.4 Removed Downloads must not be pillowed out.
07/08/14 [michaldu] - #6.3 Removed outdated parts. Fixed size bbcodes displayed incorrectly.
24/08/16 - rewritten, removed outdated parts, added #1.6, #2.3 #4.2, #4.3, #4.4, #4.5, #4.6, #5.3, #5.4, #7.2, #9.1, #9.2, #9.3, #10.1, #10.2, #11.1, #11.2, #11.3, #11.4, #11.5
9/12/16 - #1.7
23/04/20 [disk4mat] - #3.3 rewritten, #3.4, #10.2 added
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