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5 Novels by Jonas Saul
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Overview: Jonas Saul is the author of the Sarah Roberts and the Drake Bellamy Series. Jonas lives in Europe with his author wife, Kate Cornwell.


Bound (2012)
Tied up and disrobed. One likes to play with her. One wants to hurt her. How does she stay alive long enough to escape?

A renowned psychic decides to work alone and follow a lead on a missing persons case. When she visits the home of the victim, the psychic is at the mercy of the perpetrators.
They tie her up in the basement where she is at the whim of their twisted desires.

The Kill (2012)

The son of the most ruthless Mafia boss in eastern Canada is killed, and the father wants revenge.

Darwin Kostas is a law-abiding Canadian, a writer with a new bride and a long list of phobias. His fear of the dark keeps him inside after the sun goes down. He also suffers from aichmophobia, an irrational fear of sharp and pointed objects. If confronted with a knife or a needle, his fear manifests as an out-of-control rage.

He's also the man who accidentally killed the heir to the Fuccini syndicate.

When the newlyweds honeymoon in Rome, a hit team follows. They keep waving things at Darwin--pointy things, like knives. He just can't control himself when that happens, and accidentally kills a few more 'made men.' The Mafia believes Darwin is a trained killer, hired to take them out, and declare all-out war on the neurotic novelist.

Darwin returns to Toronto, but the hits keep coming, the FBI closes in, and a local biker gang offers Darwin their help.

Darwin just wants to be left alone with a light on.

The Reaper (2012)
A Short Story

Old souls have come to claim what they own.

Jacob is a young boy who insists his name is Mark and that he used to live in a nearby village in the 1930s. His parents agree to drive him to the village to put his delusions to rest.

When they arrive, they discover that not only is their son correct, but there is a bigger plan in place, and their family is at the very center of it.

The Reaper is waiting.

The Ruse (2012)
A Short Story

His sister is dying but he hates her. Does the guilt bother him? When the house blows up, does he learn his lesson? Does it take death to teach him to feel?
Or is it all a ruse?

A man receives a mysterious text message on his cell phone that turns out to be prophetic. A few days later he receives another, which again comes true. He acts on the prophecies, and what follows changes his life forever.

He thinks he knows the truth but that's just part of the ruse.

Visitations (2012)
Visitations has seventeen short stories in a horror/thriller collection from Jonas Saul

The Visitation

Jake is about to get married. He wants his mother to be part of the wedding, but she is dying of cancer. During the vows, he looks up to see his mother watching the ceremony with a smile. After the wedding, Jake calls the private nurse to thank her, only to find out his mother died the night before.

A mysterious stranger shows up to tell Jake that the price his mother agreed to pay in order to be at the wedding needs to be collected at a later date.

Now the debt has come due and only Jake can pay the price. But will he go that far?

The Painting

A painting in Matt's office has him spooked. On the surface, it is nothing more than a landscape scene, but unaccountably it has come to life. One evening the creek begins to flow, the leaves on the trees rustle, and a deer is spooked by someone close by. To his shock, Matt's wife enters the scene followed by his ex-business partner. He discovers they are having an affair and hears them plot his murder. Angered, Matt comes up with a plan of his own, but his plan may cost him more than he bargained for.

Near-Death Experience

A writer meets a woman online and falls deeply in love, but before they can meet in person, she is brutally murdered. When the writer goes to their prearranged meeting spot in honor of her memory, he discovers a shocking truth.

A Greater Justice

A man who is trying to get out of the life of crime is offered a lot of money for one more job. He agrees, but discovers his new employers are the ones who killed his son a year ago. His decides to make his last job one of vengeance.

The Imprudent Son Returns

Perry Strall had an illegitimate son who is serving a life sentence for murder. But now he is out of prison and on his way home -- to his real father. His son has questions he wants answered, whatever it takes. Even if it means another murder.

The Uniqueness of Life

Rebecca is in the bank when she sees her husband outside. He motions her to join him. She leaves the bank just as a robbery commences, and she escapes a bullet by seconds. When she gets outside, her husband has disappeared.

The Newspaper

A man reads about an accidental death in the newspaper, but the paper is dated for tomorrow. The next day he rushes out to save the victims of the accident only to discover that he knows them. Will he be a hero or arrested for attempted murder?

Don't Shoot

Jim Bower's flat is haunted. He has decided to join the others who live in his basement apartment.

These visitors knock on the walls, move things around and torment him. He digs through the wall and into the dirt foundation of the house, searching for the perpetrators. If they can be disruptive, then so can he. But first, he must remove his pesky landlord who harasses him about the noise.


A hostage negotiator's worst nightmare comes true. He is called out on a case where his wife is the victim.

The Truth

A renowned psychic is performing mass readings at a stadium when an entity tells her there is a murderer among them.

These and other great stories await you in Visitations

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