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Black Legion series by Michael G. Thomas (#1, 6)
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Overview: Michael G. Thomas is a science fiction and horror novelist from the United Kingdom. His best-selling Star Crusades series has sold in excess of quarter of a million copies and continues to draw in new fans every month. As well as a strong interest in science fiction, Michael also writes horror fiction including the popular Zombie Dawn trilogy, co-written with his brother, Nick S. Thomas. Michael is also a well-known historical martial artist. He is the co-founder of the prestigious Academy of Historical Fencing that teaches traditional armed and unarmed European martial arts. His specialist subject areas are teaching the use of the medieval two-handed longsword and the German long knife.

His academic background is as varied as his writing with his first degree in Computing and advanced degrees in Classical Studies and also Machine Learning & Adaptive Computing. He has studied in Newport, Bristol and Bath and is a qualified secondary school teacher. In recent years he has undertaken substantial research in the fields of artificial intelligence as well as Greek and Byzantine military history.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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1: Gates of Cilicia
This epic science fiction series tells the thrilling tale of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand Mercenaries. The Black Legion is an army like no other. Paid for by the blood money of a sinister alien race and filled with ten thousand of humanity's best warriors. They are an unstoppable force with their number taken from every known Terran planet in the Galaxy. They have little in common, other than their love of wealth and adventure, and a bitter hatred for each other. Ten thousand savage mercenaries, exiles, thieves and criminals, each looking to make their name in the greatest enterprise in living memory.

Into this world of space travel, war and intrigue comes Xenophon, the exile from the Alliance planet Attica, Glaucon the rich playboy, Roxana the experienced starship officer, and Tamara, the blue-haired castaway with a hidden past and a violent personality. Fate brings them together, to serve on board one of the mighty Titans, the great floating fortresses and the most powerful starships known to mankind. There are only twelve of these in existence, and just one is powerful enough to take on an entire fleet of enemy ships.

With only a few weeks to train with their comrades, nothing will prepare them for the carnage that awaits them at the infamous Gates of Cilicia. This fortified sector serves as the entrance to the Median Empire, the largest and most powerful empire in the known Galaxy and ruled with an iron fist by the tyrant, Emperor Artaxerxes.

6: The Eternal Fortress
The Eternal Fortress is a vast and impregnable bastion, built to protect the border. It is all that stands between the ships and soldiers of Black Legion, and their path to survival. Yet the Fortress is also a trap, designed to lure and pin an attacker, until superior weaponry can grind the enemy to dust over days of bloody battle.

Xenophon has proven his worth, but he has few choices remaining. The long and bloody expedition has taken its toll on both the soldiers and the ships of the Legion. He is aware that a retreat into the Empire will mean a confrontation with the Emperor. A confrontation which they cannot win. There remains only one alternative. To run the gauntlet of the Eternal Fortress.

Already, the Medes are aware of Terrans proximity. They put a plan into action that will finally decide the fate of the Legion. It is a plan so deadly the Terrans will almost certainly die. Except those unlucky enough to be sold into slavery. Or worse.

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