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Trevlian Series by J.A. Saare (Books #1-3)
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Overview: J.A. Saare is a multi-published author who has written stories featured in horror
magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and have been described as “full of sensual promise,” “gritty and sexy,” and “a breath
of fresh air.”

Currently she is penning projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and paranormal romance categories. You can visit her online at http://www.jasaare.com. Those interested in her “naughtier” side can visit her alias, Aline Hunter, at http://www.alinehunter.com.


1. Moon Kissed: When Kassia Lambert wakes in a warm bed, alive and intact, she can’t believe her good fortune. She should be dead, considering she was sent head first into brick and mortar. So why isn’t she?

Lycae Adam Trevlian has waited three long years to claim his mate, a human that battles for the Thymeria vampires. After he saves her life, he brings her with him, intent on doing just that. But betrayal and heartbreak is hard to overcome, and even with the kiss of the moon on his side, Adam knows Kassia may or may not forgive his past actions.

2. Soft As Moonlight: Lycae Wolfe Trevlian returns to New Orleans after a lengthy self imposed absence with one goal – to appease the vampyren harboring a grudge against his kin so he can leave as soon as possible. Bitter memories linger in the Big Easy, memories best left in the past. Fortunately, the agreement with the vampyren is simple – destroy the creature killing off their brethren, and the death of their Master is forgiven.

Dhampir Arden Moran has waited two decades to avenge the murder of her friend by destroying the vampyren King Lucius Mercoix, and years of dedication and patience are about to pay off. She tracks down the human slave to the King, intending to uncover where Lucius rests. There is just one enormous problem she wasn't prepared for – the breathtakingly gorgeous Lycae sent to intercept her.

One touch is all it takes for Wolfe to ascertain that Arden is his mate, and he vows to kill anyone or anything that attempts to harm the beautiful half-human, half-vampire female. When the vampyren hire assassins to finish the job he didn't complete, he is forced to face and overcome the devastating scars of a past betrayal in order to become an Alpha Lycae strong enough to protect his mate - as well as the pack that needs him.

3. Lick Of Frost Onyx “The Ice Princess” Blackthorn has yearned for the nearness of another for two centuries. Cursed after she shunned the advances of a lovelorn wizard, she ventures to New Orleans with his coven, desperate to put an end to the isolation that is slowly killing her.

One searing touch informs Lycae Luke Trevlian he has found his mate, a breathtaking creature that can only be adored from afar. For to touch Onyx’s skin is to touch the ice trapped within, ensuring she remains pure for the one that hexed her.

Halloween is a time of magic, and with the new moon, a time of new beginnings. When the wizard that cursed Onyx returns to flesh and blood, eager to claim her for his own, Luke will challenge him for the one woman he cannot live without.

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Aug 16th, 2012, 6:37 am
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