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2 Books by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
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Overview: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy delves deep into the human experience as she writes from the heart about everyday people caught up in often extraordinary circumstances.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Coal Black Blues: A death in the family and a divorce brought Caroline Reaburn back to the mountains of West Virginia, to her hillbilly heritage and Coaltown. Prepared to start over in a familiar place, Caroline never expected her first love, Neil McCullough, to come back into her life. Twenty years earlier, Caroline’s family moved away, breaking the relationship and both their hearts.
From the first time Caroline meets Neil again, it's obvious that they still have a connection. But Neil has scars, inside and out, and carries a lot of emotional baggage. There’s no doubt about the love they share but they have many obstacles to overcome, everything from Neil’s PTSD to a community tragedy. It’s a long, rocky road but if anyone can manage to find happiness, it’s Neil and Caroline.

Scarred Santa: His Persian Gulf service as a Marine left Rafe Sullivan wounded and scarred. His return to civilian life has proved difficult at best. He’s quit more jobs than most people ever hold in a lifetime and he’s become a near recluse. Although he interacts with his widowed mother and his brother’s family, Rafe lives lonely. A chance glance at a beautiful woman at a church dinner leads to another encounter. Sheena Dunmore comforts him during a PTSD moment and because of her, he accepts a job playing Santa Claus at the mall for the holi-day season. Being Santa offers many challenges but as Rafe grows closer to Sheena, he finds it easier and easier to overcome them. Rafe falls in love but he soon decides it’s best if he backs away so Sheena can meet someone better. He realizes his mistake but must face his greatest fear of all – fire – or there may not be a chance for a new beginning with Sheena.

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