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6 Novels by Jilly Cooper
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Overview: Jilly Cooper is a well-known journalist, writer and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling novels, including Riders, Rivals, Polo, The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, Appassionata, Score! and Pandora, she and her husband live in Gloucestershire with several dogs and cats.
Genre: Romance | Chicklit

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Emily (1975)
An invitation to a party acts as a catalyst for a series of life-changing episodes.

Bella (1976)
There was no doubt about it - Bella Parkinson was the most promising actress and a success. Rupert Henriques was rich enough to buy her every theatre in London if she wanted it and couldn't wait to marry her. But Bella had a secret in her past and the one man who knew it was about to come into her life again. Soon she found herself in real danger…

Harriet (1976)
Shy, dreamy, and incurably romantic, Harriet Poole was shattered when her brief affair with Simon Villers, Oxford's leading playoboy undergraduate, ended abruptly, leaving her penniless, alone and pregnant. Still hopelessly in love with Simon, she took baby William and buried herself in deepest Yorkshire as nanny to the children of Cory Erskine, a somewhat eccentric scriptwriter.
Local tongues were just starting to wag when a whole host of visitors began to arrive to disrupt Harriet's peaceful routine: first Noel, Cory's estranged wife, hellbent on winning Cory back, then Cory's glamourous brother Kit, whose old affair with Noel didn't stop him from making passes at Harriet, and finally, of all people, Simon...

Octavia (1977)
Octavia Brennen's giddy pursuit of fulfilment receives fresh impetus from a chance meeting with Jeremy West, a young publisher. Undeterred by the fact that Jeremy has just got engaged to an old friend of hers, Octavia sets off in pursuit of her quarry - when she bumps head first into Gareth Llewellyn.

Prudence (1978)
The trouble with the Mulholland family, Prudence decided, was that they were all in love with the wrong people. She had been overjoyed when Pendle, her barrister boyfriend invited her home for the weekend to meet his family. It soon began to dawn on Prudence that there was more to this weekend than met the eye . . .

Imogen (1978)
Imogen's holiday on the Riviera was a revelation - and so was she. A wild Yorkshire rose and a virgin, she was a prize worth winning.

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