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10 Books by Juno Wells
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Overview: Juno Wells grew up on Florida’s Space Coast, watching the shuttles take off from Cape Canaveral. When she hit college, her childhood fantasies about space travel turned highly romantic.
Genre: Sci Fi Romance


Claimed by the Alien King - Gun to her head, Maya would say her life sucked. Her mother thought she was a loser, she had no friends, she hated her job, and her love life...well, what love life? Did men still even exist? It was safe to say that her crappy life could not get any crappier.Until it did. Sort of. Not really.On a scale of 1 to 10, where would "I was abducted by a hot alien king" rank?That was the problem. Abducted meant she didn't like it. It meant she didn't want to stay.But minds can change, and the way this sexy alien man looked at her, the way his strong hands felt on her body...God.She could never leave.

Alien's Curvy Mate - They say love transcends time...
But ten thousand years is just ridiculous. Abby dreams of something more in her life. She shoots for the stars but is stuck in her dead-end job with a deadbeat boyfriend.Be careful what you wish for, right? One car accident later and Abby's embroiled in a plot to save the world from a devious alien army and a romance that started ten thousand years ago. A romance involving one incredibly smokin' hot alien alpha Commander, Vintares of the Lantarians.He made a promise he intends to keep...Awakening from cryo-sleep to find his ship defenseless against the looming alien army, Vintares escapes to Earth. There he finds his fated love, a curvy, luscious human named Abby. Sparks fly, the heat between them scorching. But he's made a promise to keep the world safe. Their love has to persevere even when their world is about to end.

Star-Crossed - Making contact with extraterrestrials wasn't part of astronaut Serena Walker's mission. Neither was falling for one. But when a gorgeous, violet-eyed alien rescues her from her damaged starship, suddenly Serena's interstellar mission gets a lot more complicated.She knows it'll never work out. She's from Earth, and Alzan is from Lithia, and that's a long-distance relationship that's destined to fail. Great. It's just Serena's luck to fall for some hot alien who literally lives a million miles away. Can these two star-crossed lovers make it work, despite the obstacles?

The Alien Time Traveler's Bride - A Crashed Alien Ship...
Time Traveling Alien Prince, Rogue Taxxu, had a mission to save Earth from a device planted in the long-ago past. One thing that wasn't part of his mission? Falling in love with a human...She never needed anyone...Running her Ma's Saloon, was more than enough trouble for Effie. When she found a gorgeous man wandering in the desert though she couldn't just let him fend for himself. Even if he did seem crazy-- claiming he was an alien Prince, and all...Getting involved in human business was against his orders...But what happens when the alien prince starts to fall for the sassy barmaid? And what happens when a time traveler starts running out of time...?

Alien Mate - Gabby was left all on her own after her father and brothers were ruthlessly killed when alien monsters conquered Earth. Now she's part of a group of captive human women being sent to an unknown prison planet.
When things take a turn for the worse and the ship crashes, Gabby knows she's going to die. But fate intervenes and she's saved, finding herself strangely attracted to her scarlet scaled, golden eyed rescuer.
Until he stumbles upon the slave ship wreckage, Radek had never found the one who calls to his soul. His life had been consumed by the need to protect his people from the blood thirsty, aggressive gryphons. Now he has a new calling, the exquisite human female must be safeguarded at all costs.
Abby is completely at this strange alien dragon's mercy. She's stuck on a new and dangerous planet, doesn't speak the language, and the rest of the human survivors look to her for leadership. Does she have a choice except to stay by Radek's side?

Baby for the Alien Invader - The alien invasion of Earth is over in only minutes. Humanity is now enslaved and Isobel becomes the spoils of war.
Isobel's just a self proclaimed geek. A computer nerd trying to get her dream job with the CIA when the alien invaders appear. It happens too fast. One moment she's taking a call and the next she's in a cell being ogled by a brutish green alien who's claiming her as his own. Scared silly, but determined to fight, Isobel is thankfully rescued when an even bigger, more muscular alien male walks in. The green god is still covered in blood when he lays his claim on her. She was ready to struggle against the brute but is unexpectedly drawn to this newcomer.
Reamous is a warrior, ruthlessly participating in the invasion of the stupid little planet Earth with the silly, weak aliens who call themselves humans. Against all odds, one of them manages to badly damage his leg and he's excused from service, forced to take work as a private contractor.As a consolation prize he gets his pick of the captive females to take as his war bride. When he walks into the holding cells and finds Isobel, he know she's the one. She's supposed to be a mate, just breeding material, but Isobel is so much more. She has secrets, ones Reamous desperately wants to know. Along the way of discovering those secrets, he also discovers he'll do anything for his new human female. No matter the stakes he'll claim, protect and defend.

Stranded with the Alien - Autumn
Earth is a mess, wrecked by the excesses of the generations that came before me but we've been given a second chance. New Earth.Our new home, whether you want it or not. Every newborn is assigned a number and when you reach it, you're going to be shoved into a tiny "pod" and launched into space. Great if you don't mind being ripped away from everything you've ever known including friends and family. Which I do, but what choice am I given? None, is the answer. So I'm "lucky". I get to wait until I'm eighteen to go. Except when I do something goes wrong. So damn wrong. My pod doesn't make it to New Earth, not even close. I end up on an alien planet in the hands of a warlike race that doesn't like humans. It only gets worse and as I'm sure I'm about to be killed, he rescues me. Blue skin, strong shoulders, long black hair and huge black eyes that go on and on. He's alien and I hate to admit it but sexy as hell.... I'm in for something, the only question is what?
Humans are the cockroaches of the universe. Spreading everywhere with no concern for those they displace, no respect, and an attitude of being the only intelligent creatures in existence. Arrogant, full of themselves, an infestation that the galaxy is better off without.Or so I always thought, until I met her. Autumn is beautiful. Beautiful in a take my breath away kind of way. She's nothing like I've been taught to believe humans are. She isn't full of herself or arrogant. She's kind and sweet and she's working her way into my heart in a way that I'm totally unprepared to handle. She's bringing change, ready or not, and I don't think my people are ready for her any more than I am. One way or another, I'm going to make her mine.

Alpha's Omega - Omega Maya keeps to herself working the fringes of known space to salvage derelict ships and other resources. She wants nothing to do with Alphas, so when Remy shows up at her current salvage operation, she’s at first displeased. He soon starts to win her over, but when her suppressant stops working, and he realizes she’s an Omega, he’s intent on claiming her. Maya doesn’t want to be any Alpha’s Omega, even Remy’s. Can she enjoy the pleasure he offers without surrendering everything she is and believes in or succumbing to her biological imperative to submit?
Remy’s been searching for his Omega for years, and he’s convinced he’s found her in Maya. She stirs his need to love and protect, and it pains him that she doesn’t want what he’s offering. He understands the traumas in her past, but can he help her overcome them to embrace a future together?

Cinder's Tale - Sentenced to servitude.
This isn’t how I expected my life to turn out. All I’ve ever wanted was to do the right thing but now I’ve been shipped off-world to an alien planet and sold. Stuck doing the dirtiest jobs of my master’s house.
Hope is the farthest thing from my mind, but still it glimmers. The faint light of that timeless idea that maybe, one day, my prince will come.
If I don’t marry soon my kingdom will be thrust into war. Simple enough, marry someone, produce an heir. Problem solved.
But I don’t want just someone. I want the one. The one who makes my heart soar. The one who lights the fires of passion. If only I can find her before my father forces me into a loveless arrangement for the good of our people.
And in one magical moment, I find her. Ella.
Except I can’t possibly have her. She’s a servant, a slave. To marry her would throw everything into chaos but her grip on my heart won’t let go. Somehow, I have to make this work.
She will be my princess.

Wexxon the Great Alien Warrior - I accidentally opened a door to an alien planet...
One minute, I’m working at NASA and the next I’m on Xelxar and a huge, purple alien is trying to kill me.
By sheer luck I kill him instead, but then another shows up.
The clearly alien warrior Wexxon. He’s eight fee tall, purple skinned and his face is so different than a human's, with aquatic features, a hard nose and scars covering his body. He says the alien I killed was supposed to be his next competitor in the arena. Having killed him myself, now I’ve earned the honor of facing Wexxon in a fight to the death.
I can’t fight this muscled, enormous alien! Wexxon offers me a way out. Marry him. Married partners aren’t allowed to fight in the arena.
If I’m going to survive and find my way back to Earth, I must become his space bride.
I’m mortified at being forced into a marriage with an alien but I can’t pretend like I don’t find my new husband hot. I need to focus on getting back to Earth, but the longer I stay on this planet, the more I find myself falling for the huge, purple skinned beast.
How am I supposed to make it back to Earth when I can’t keep my hands off the alien warrior in my bed?

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