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Texas Titan Romances by Taylor Hart (#5-6, 12-13)
Requirements: ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 4.2 MB | Version: Retail
Overview: Texas Titan Romances are by multi-authors; Jennifer Youngblood, Cami Checketts, Taylor Hart, Lucy McConnell.
Genre: Romance

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The Second Chance Groom (#5): Playing second string to his big brother Zeus of the Texas Titans…hadn’t been in Anthony Kincaid’s life plan, but neither had an almost career ending injury. So he was just happy things seemed to be working out, until his first love shows up at a PR event and he kisses her. Too bad she slaps him, which he can’t figure out why because she’s the one who left him. Cassidy Stone is only back in Dallas for one reason…to be there for her father. It was enough that her fiance was killed six months ago in the line of action, she does not need Anthony Kincaid in her life. But when the Dallas Star calls and asks her to do an exclusive on him…she accepts…who better to get the truth about his injury out to the fans besides her? She’s objective. She is! When Anthony makes it clear to her that he’s in this interview for more then just the article, she never imagined she’d be remembering ten years ago and falling in love…all over again. But when unexpected things are revealed, rocking her to the core, she is faced with a choice…let go of the past or take one more second chance.

The Dream Groom (#6): All Scar Walker wanted to do while he was in San Diego was focus on getting his gym built for military vets. He didn’t want to take crap from his brother, he didn’t want to deal with a lippy waitress who got his eggs wrong, and he really didn’t want random people calling him on the phone. Shayla Castle came to San Diego to finally live out her childhood dream. When she accidentally calls the mysterious phone number left on her table while waitressing, she never anticipated it would be the handsome, jerkface soldier who chewed her out that morning. And when she gets attacked the next evening and the same jerkface shows up and saves her, she’s really confused. She never would have imagined she and soldier boy would start talking every night and she really never imagined he would convince her to let him do her bucket list together. But after a hike at Torrey Pines, a helicopter ride, and surfing at Oceanside…she finds she just might be falling for this soldier boy. When Shayla’s past shows up and wants her back, she’s left with a choice—let go or lose the dream she never knew she wanted.

The Fake Fiance Groom (#12): Walker Kent, professional football player, hates the press. After a year of dealing with a dishonorable discharge, he’s in no mood to play nice at a bachelor auction. When a beautiful actress buys him, then announces he’s her fiancé … his night goes from barely manageable to purgatory. Scarlett Powers is desperate to find a fake fiancé to take to her brother’s wedding. After discovering her ex is engaged to her best friend—she is not going to show up and be a pity case! Good thing she spots the perfect bad-boy football player to take with her—Walker Kent. Too bad he turns her down! After re-negotiating terms of the fake fiancé deal, Scarlett soon finds herself in the middle of a controlling father, a cougar mother-in-law, and a crazy bridezilla who wants to personalize the wedding with DIY craft projects for the guests. But when Walker sweeps her off her feet by taking her on an ‘off books’ date where they go on a ferris wheel and share secrets she’s never told another living soul … she finds herself falling for this bad boy. When a secret comes to light and she is forced to tell the truth, she has to make a choice—walk away or risk losing the only thing that’s ever been real.

The Prince Charming Groom (#13): Kyle Bones, ex Navy SEAL, and owner of MMA gyms, doesn't want to be raffled off for a date but he's promised he'll do the razzle dazzle to draw attention to the new Sparring for Vets Gym he's heading up in Florida. The truth is he doesn't want to see his ex...the one who ditched him for a professional football player. But when a beautiful red head wins the date, suddenly it doesn't seem so bad. Kennedy Dawson, college student, doesn't believe in Prince Charming. Much to the chagrin of her busybody roommate, who she loves but who drives her crazy. After losing both of her parents when she was 16 to a car accident, her life hasn't been easy, especially since she lost her left hand in that accident, too.

But she's made it work and she lucked out to have good friends to support her along the way. When said busybody enters her in a radio contest to win a shot at being a DJ, Kennedy is terrified, but she wants a shot. Little did she know this 'shot' would lead to her winning a date to Jackson, Wyoming with Kyle Bones. No. No. No. Sure, the guy's hot, but...she's not this kind of girl. After flying to Jackson, staying at Kyle's new house, helicoptering over Jackson Mountain, and getting a glimpse of his tough, yet tender side...she starts to like this man...more than she ever thought possible. When misgivings and misunderstandings rise to the surface, Kennedy has a choice to make--give love another chance or let Prince Charming walk away.

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Texas Titan #1: The Fearless Groom
Texas Titan #2: The Persistent Groom
Texas Titan #3: The Tough Love Groom
Texas Titan #4: The Miracle Groom
Texas Titan #7: The Ghost Groom
Texas Titan #8: The Forbidden Groom
Texas Titan #9: The Beastly Groom
Texas Titan #10: The Warrior Groom
Texas Titan #11: The Hometown Groom
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