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SEALs in Paradise series by Becca Jameson (#5, 21, 29)
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Overview: Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 90 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters series and her Fight Club series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle.
Genre: Romance

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Hot SEAL, Red Wine (#5): Ellie Gorman hasn't had a vacation in years. Working herself to the bone day and night on Wall Street has kept her mind from wandering too often to the only man she's ever loved. The man she left fourteen years ago after their high school graduation. When her best friend lures her to join a girls' cruise, Ellie relents. The sun will do her good. Relaxation is her top priority. No stress for a full week.

Noah Seager has spent more than a decade fulfilling his dream of joining the Navy SEALs and serving his country. But he's exhausted and worn out. It's time to retire, find himself, and start a new chapter in his life. A vacation with his best childhood friend is the perfect way to decompress. Even better--a cruise.

Neither Noah nor Ellie are prepared to run into each other at the bar on the lido deck as soon as they board the ship. They've been set up, and they plan to toss their meddling friends soon as they can find them.

Fourteen years ago they'd been very much in love. They'd known. Everyone had known. And then the bottom had fallen out of their worlds. Ellie has a secret she has never shared with a single person. Noah has lived with the pain, hurt, and frustration of being dumped for unknown reasons. He never should have let her go, and that realization slams into him with a powerful punch as the two get reacquainted.

While Ellie struggles with admitting her deep feelings for Noah have never subsided, Noah fights his own internal battle. She insists she can't and won't ever reveal the nature of their breakup. Can Noah convince her to let him back into her life anyway? And more importantly, can he let their past go, bury it, and live a fulfilling life with the woman he never forgot, knowing he will never have all the answers?

Hot SEAL, Cold Feet (#21): He’s a former Navy SEAL in financial straits.
She’s a bar owner in need of a bouncer.
Perfect, right? Hardly.

When Jodi finds out her new bouncer is none other than Tucker, the man currently starring on a reality television show, she isn’t happy. She doesn’t want the publicity. Plus, she thinks he’s a fool. Who marries a stranger on television for money?

Tucker isn’t happy either. He’s in over his head in a farce of a marriage, but he needs the money the network is paying him. It’s nobody’s business why he’s working a night job in a bar at the same time.
Too bad the heat between them is incendiary. Hooking up is a huge mistake for them both, but some risks are worth it…

Hot SEAL, April’s Fool (SEALs in Paradise #29): Ten years ago, he left her with no explanation. Now he’s back, and the sparks burn just as hot as they did in high school.

April might have been young, but she knew what love was. She and Cole were inseparable, voted most likely to marry. And then he vanished on the night she expected him to propose.

Joining the Navy had always been Cole’s plan. He’d intended to carry on a long-distance romance with his high school sweetheart. Nothing could ever come between them…until it did.

In this second chance, small-town romance the past collides with the present as Cole fights to save his family’s business and earn back the trust of the only woman he’s ever loved. Losing her a second time—for good—is out of the question.

Hot SEAL, April’s Fool is part of the SEALs in Paradise series. Each book stands alone, and they can be read in any order.

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SEALs in Paradise #17: Hot SEAL, New Orleans Nights
SEALs in Paradise #18: Hot SEAL, Bachelor Party
SEALs in Paradise #19: Hot SEAL, Decoy Bride
SEALs in Paradise #20: Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride
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