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Firestone Falls Series by Keira K. Barton (1-2)
Requirements: epub reader, 590 kb
Overview: Keira is the mother of two girls, and is happily married to her very own Prince Charming. They enjoy small-town life in rural Idaho, but have adventurous spirits and love to travel whenever they can. When Keira isn't writing, she's reading, playing volleyball, or enjoying time with family.
Genre: Romance


1. The Charismatic Cowboy - Blaire Firestone is the oldest of six girls—all born to a rancher who longed for a boy. When her father dies, the ranch’s long-time foreman leaves unexpectedly, and Blaire is left scrambling to hire anyone who can help her keep the ranch running smoothly—a seemingly impossible feat in the one-horse town.
Cole Reeves has gone along with everyone else’s plans for his life since he was eighteen. Working for his father’s business has been a blessing and a curse, and he’s finally ready to see what he can do on his own. His looks and charm have always gotten him by, but he wonders if it’ll be enough to win over his boss—the only woman he’s ever truly wanted.
Will Blaire and Cole be able to weather the challenges they face, or will the pressures of life on the ranch be too much for the runaway-prone cowboy?

2. The Compelling Cowboy - Brenda Firestone is in command of the family ranch, and her life. She’s determined to have total control over her destiny, which means she’s adamantly opposed to falling in love. Desperate for a new ranch foreman, Brenda invites an old flame to come fill the position, and that’s when her plan starts to unravel.
Justin Beckstead has been in love with Brenda for almost half of his life. When she asks him to come to Colorado to work on her family’s ranch, he accepts right away—excited about their reunion. When he and Brenda can’t agree on how to proceed with their relationship, the end seems near.
Will Justin be able to convince Brenda that she should gamble her predictable life on him? Or will Brenda resist the magnetism that’s always existed between them and leave Justin to wonder what could have been once more?

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2. The Compelling Cowboy
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