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Regency Club Venus series by Carole Mortimer (#1-2, #4-5)
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Overview: Carole is the USA Today Bestselling Author of over 236 novels in contemporary, Regency, and paranormal romance. In May 2017 she received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times. In 2015 she was Recipient of the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.
Genre: Romance, Historical

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Book #1 - Bastian's Surrender
As Lord Sebastian Forbes, the Earl of Shaftesbury, and one of the richest men in England, Bastian has always lived a charmed life. Until three months ago, when a man died because of Bastian’s actions. Knowing the other man to be a widower with a child, Bastian now feels it is his responsibility to care for the orphan. Except the child has disappeared into the foggy streets as if they had never been. Unfortunately, Bastian has no idea if it is a boy or a girl, only that he has to find and save them from the harsh reality of London’s scandalous underworld.
Having searched for the child for all these weeks with no success, Bastian’s actions, drinking and debauching too much, are becoming increasingly risky and dangerous to himself. To the point he awakens one morning secured naked to a bed and no memory of how he came to be there, with a beautiful golden-haired angel leaning over him wielding a knife.
Abigail is under no illusions regarding her place at Club Venus, she knows she is nothing more than another one of the ‘ladies’ available for the pleasure of the gentlemen who frequent the establishment owned by the aristocratic Duke of Blackborne.
She’s only lived at Club Venus for a few days and is shocked to come down the stairs in the early morning of the third day to discovering a naked gentleman in one of the public bedchambers, secured to the bed by four leather straps.
She easily recognizes this man as being Lord Sebastian Forbes, the Earl of Shaftesbury, and one of the Duke of Blackborne’s closest friends.
A man Abigail considers her personal nemesis.

Book #2 - Gabriel's Torment
For the past five years Gabriel Templeton, the Duke of Blackborne, has been the owner of Club Venus, the high class brothel in London. When not running the club Gabriel continues to search for his sister who was cast off by their father almost twenty years ago, pregnant and alone, and has never seen again since.
Young Vic Jones lives on the dirty streets of London and will no doubt die there too, sooner rather than later. Seeing and speaking to the handsome Duke of Blackborne, as he strolls by on the way to his club every evening, is the single brightness in days and nights that are all too often dark with the despair of poverty.
Gabriel very much enjoys his daily exchanges with Vic, the cheeky imp who sells fruit or flowers on the street corner near Club Venus. But when Vic isn’t in his usual spot for two days in a row Gabriel becomes concerned and goes in search of him in the Rookery, the most dangerous slum in all of London.
When he finds the boy Vic is sitting silent and numb, the body of his dead mother having been consigned to a pauper’s grave that morning.
Deciding to take the devastated Vic home with him, and sending for his friend and doctor, Lord Benedict Winter, to attend the lad, reveals a secret that totally stuns Gabriel.
Undecided as to what to do next, it isn’t the time for someone from Gabriel’s past to seek vengeance on the people he cares for.

Book #4 - Julius's Passion
Lord Julius Soames, the Earl of Andover, welcomes the diversion of assisting James Metford in reclaiming his title as the Earl of Ipswich.
Julius’s own life has become somewhat stultifying in recent months, not helped by his three closest friends having found and married, or be about to marry, the women they love.
He believes travelling to Suffolk with James to be the perfect diversion from his own ennui.
Julius might be known in Society for his cynicism and dryness of humour, but neither of those things has prepared him for the depth of his physical reaction to the ethereal beauty of James’s sister, the young and beautiful Lady Bethany Metford.
For ten years Bethany has believed her brother to be dead and buried, so it is the greatest shock of her young life when he suddenly reappears back at the Suffolk estate of their uncle, where she has been incarcerated for all of those same years.
Not only has James returned from the dead but he has brought the arrogant Lord Julius Soames, the Earl of Andover, with him.
Will Bethany be able to forgive James for abandoning her?
Can she resist the allure of the handsome, but infuriating, Julius Soames?
And what is the secret their uncle is so determined to keep hidden from all of them?

Book #5 - James's Lady
Lord James Metford, the Earl of Ipswich, believed his problems were over after he had taken back his title and been reunited with his sister. He is now free to go to the lady he loves and ask her to become his beloved Countess.
Except, Lady Beatrix Winter turns down James’s proposal of marriage.
A refusal which forces James to use every means possible, including subterfuge and seduction, in order to persuade her into changing her mind.

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