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Rosewood High Series by Tracy Lorraine (1-2, 4-7)
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Overview: My words are fuelled by caffeine. I hope to entertain you with easy reading books that are hopefully as hot as the coffee drunk writing them!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Thorn - She doesn't belong here. From the moment she steps foot in Rosewood High— it's clear she must go.
And I'll use my power to get rid of her. The betrayal I'm reminded of each time our eyes lock must end.
She's a lost rich girl, trying to recover from the death of her parents. But none of that is my concern.
This is my life. My rules. My senior year. What I say goes.
And I say she's done.
Until she proves me wrong...

2. PAINE - She was my best friend. The person I told my deepest secrets to. But when my world came crashing down, it was all because of her family.
From that moment, I realized I’d been wrong to trust her. Her big caring eyes and sweet face were nothing but an act as she’d watched on while I tried to keep my head above water.
That was our past.
Now, I’ve largely put Camila behind me and moved on with my life. Though it doesn’t explain why she’s always there: taunting me, tempting me, showing me the life I could have been living.
I should have been laughing when her own world turned upside down. Karma always wins out in the end. But suddenly we’re forced together once again and I have no choice but to remember the girl I’ve tried so hard to forget.

4. FIERCE - Everyone thinks they know me… but they’re wrong.
Fearless on the outside— a lie.
I’m a fraud, hiding behind a mask of perfection. My reality very different.
The captain. The leader. The Queen Bee.
None of it real— all just an illusion.
Perception is everything and I use it to get what I want, when I want, refusing to let anyone stand in my way.
Until he shows me that he’s not the man I expected. He’s not just the quiet one... the innocent one.
But the one to finally tear away the mask and look beneath the surface. The only one who sees me, gets me, challenges me.
He’s already changed my life in a way I never expected. My secret could make us or break us, but I know one thing for sure... I’ll protect it fiercely.
That’s the real me. Chelsea Fierce.
The girl behind the mask with everything to lose.

5. HUNTER - I’m a nobody... until everybody realizes who I am and who I’m related to.
Then it’s like a giant target is painted on my back. They all think they can use me to climb the Rosewood High royalty ladder.
They obviously underestimate me. I won’t cower down or give in.
They can’t break me. But he can... without even trying.
Zayn Hunter.
He doesn’t want to use me... he’s already at the top— one of the Kings of the school.
He wants something else. Something he can’t have.
Yet he’s always there, living up to his name. Stalking me, like I’m his prey...
Maybe I am.
Even with the teasing and taunting, he’s not the real predator. He’s my protector.
His rescuing could be my undoing.
Because not everything is a game, and the boy I love to hate isn’t the only one watching.
He just might be the only one who sees me... the real me.
I just hope it’s enough.

6. FURY - I’m infuriated by my feelings for her...
They’ve held me captive all this time.
I might have been the one that walked away, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still haunted by her—by what I did to her.
But that’s the thing about ghosts… they always return when you least expect it.
My stepsister was an outlet for my pain, but everything has changed.
Now I’ve got nothing to lose.
If she thought I hated her the first time we met, then she’s about to get a shock.
The rage I felt didn’t compare to the fury that now consumes me.
I might be empty, but I’m going to show her how it feels by taking away everything she has... one painful piece at a time.

7. LEGEND - I made one mistake…
And she made one phone call that nearly destroyed my life.
I’ve spent the past year plotting my revenge and imagining all the wicked things I’d do to her when our paths finally crossed again.
I just had no idea it would be so soon.
The last thing I expected when I re-entered the world was to find myself right in the middle of hers.
The girl who betrayed me, the snitch who ruined me—here for the taking.
While she’s been oblivious here in Rosewood, I’ve been trapped in hell.
Better watch your back, Harley Hunter.
You’re about to be owned by a Legend.

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Nov 21st, 2019, 10:26 am
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