Chick lit, historical, contemporary, fantasy, time-travel, paranormal romance
May 15th, 2020, 1:02 am
Falling into Your Arms by Bess McBride (Love in the Old West Book 3)
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Overview: Sarah Chilton, on a cross-country trip via train from the east coast to the west coast, gets off the train to stretch her legs in the sleepy desert town of Benson, Arizona. A nearby crumbling derelict Victorian-style building across the road from the station catches her eye, and she heads that way to peek in the windows of what looks like an old hotel. Finding the door open, she steps into a building whose beauty is buried under years of dust and cobwebs. With only a few minutes to spare before she has to get back to the train, she finds the door seals behind her. In an attempt to break a cracked window, she loses her balance and falls.
Jeremiah Stone, owner and proprietor of The Benson Arms in Benson, Arizona, catches the wild woman who is trying to break his window before she does too much damage. He summarily ejects her from his hotel but relents when two kind-hearted ladies bring the lost and confused traveler back inside for shelter as she awaits the next train due in a few days.
Sarah discovers that she has traveled through time to the Old West, to 1890 Benson, Arizona, but her plan to return to 2020 may be thwarted by missed trains, bandits, and the love of a man who belongs to the past.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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May 15th, 2020, 1:02 am