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The Vampire District series by Marcy Jacks (Books 1 -10)
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Overview: Marcy Jacks lives and works in Ontario, Canada where she is fervently pursuing the writer's life while writing about lots of gorgeous guys
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


His Enemy Lover #1: The humans are tired of living in fear of the vampires. Hawke West, a skilled assassin, is sent on a mission to kidnap any important member of a rich vampire house in the hopes of finally starting an open war instead of allowing the vampires to pick them off. The problem is that the vampire he kidnaps is the very one who freed him from slavery as a child, and now he finds himself not only protecting him from his vampire-hating village, but also falling for him.

In Bed with the Vampire Assassin #2: Anderson Collins was kidnapped by a band of mercenaries hired by the vampires. They want to send a message for all the men his friend killed. He never thought he would be rescued by a vampire, or that he would be an assassin formerly employed by the very vampires out for revenge.
Noir Fenrir is officially done taking orders. His former employers tried to kill him, so he will make sure they don't get what they want. Unfortunately, he didn't get away before he was poisoned. He needs a healer, and the handsome human he saved knows where he can find one. But Anderson is no human. He's a werewolf, and things get complicated when he mates with Noir. Despite the fact that they have every reason to distrust each other, they have to rely on each other in order to survive, and it would be difficult for any mated couple to not fall in love with those odds.

Slave To His Love #3: Marrok was unintentionally a part of the uprising of werewolves against their vampire masters. He loved Lord Tristan Fenrir, but he cannot protect his mate after their affair is discovered. He is tortured and sold to another house before he can warn them of the coming attack. Months later, Tristan's father is dead, the pack of werewolf servants are gone, and Tristan is lord of the estate. He bought Marrok back, and he intends to get his revenge for having his heart played with.
Though Tristan isn't the same man he was when Marrok last saw him, he knows his gentle mate is in there somewhere, and he refuses to be broken. Their time might be cut short when a hidden enemy in the house makes himself known, and Tristan is suddenly forced to rely on Marrok, or else he could be killed before he and Marrok have the chance to forgive each other.

Owen's Promise #4: Frederik Fenrir is a noble vampire, and his affair with the servant Owen has been discovered. Because of this, Owen is sold to a cruel mage while Frederik is helpless to follow. His older brother does not understand that Frederik loves Owen, and the moment he is able to escape, he sets off to rescue his lover, abandoning his family forever.
Owen didn't know he was part of the fae until the mage told him. Apparently fae pieces make for powerful potions, and the mage Alden intends to harvest Owen's organs to enhance his powers.
Frederik quickly rescues Owen, and they both find themselves on the run, hoping to make it anywhere safe while the humans revolt against the vampires, and Alden gathers his army to track them down. Owen and Frederik are not able to move quickly, however, because the fae can become pregnant regardless of their sex, and Owen is carrying Frederik's child.

James's Risk #5: James Flynn has captured the most handsome man he's ever met. The problem is that Quinn Rossi is a fire mage, and one of the men who attacked James's friends.
Quinn does not set off his evil alarm bells. In fact, the naive man is so innocent and trusting that he latches onto James for protection, slowly falling for him, until he can prove that he wanted no part of the attack.
But when a fire starts and Quinn is blamed, James realizes how much he's grown to love the other man, and he runs away with him. Soon it becomes apparent that on their own, out in the wild, they stand no chance of surviving or evading capture from vampire slavers, and after James has risked everything to keep Quinn safe, he must take another risk—to return to the village and place himself at the mercy of his peers, and possibly take Quinn's place if blood is demanded

Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord #6: Vaughn Carson has been in the hands of vampires for weeks, and with no rescue in sight, he knows he's on his own. This would be a much scarier thought if it wasn't for the incredibly handsome vampire noble Daren Fenrir, who nursed Vaughn to health after he fell sick in the dungeon and brought him to stay in one of the luxurious rooms of the mansion.
Daren is clearly in lust with Vaughn, and while he feels the same, he's hesitant to act on it, or to respond to Daren's sudden and intense kisses.
Daren claims to only want his missing brother returned, and he will release Vaughn when he is convinced that Vaughn poses no threat to the rest of his family. Vaughn's defenses lower and he and Daren become closer, giving in to their lust, but unbeknownst to either of them, a group of human hunters are closing in, and they are not Vaughn's friends coming to the rescue.

Julian's Reluctant Love #7: Hank Monroe has lost a lot in his life. After accidentally killing his brother during a battle with the vampires, he has never been able to properly hold a gun or a bow since. He's worked hard to drive everyone away, and he's made it no secret that he hates everything paranormal.
Julian Rossi, despite being an ice mage, just cannot seem to stay away. He's fallen for Hank at first sight, and he's determined to show him that not all paranormals are bad, and that he might just enjoy having a relationship with one.
Despite his efforts, Hank finds himself slowly warming up to the other man's advances and finding that he enjoys being with other people again, but when Julian is taken from him in a vampire raid, Hank must pick up his gun and go after him. Will he have the courage to pull the trigger to save the new love of his life?

A Servant to His Every Need #8: Dorian Grey has been kidnapped by vampire slavers and taken deep within the vampire district to give blood and be tortured for information about the human resistance. Just when he's about to be sold to another vampire and never seen again, Robin Romonoff, the gorgeous and oldest son of the Romonoff house, creates a challenge for ownership of him!
The handsome human now belongs to Robin, and while it is his intention to keep the man as comfortable as possible, it soon becomes clear that he cannot cage a free human. Robin has always disliked the way his father has done things, but he has never gone against the man. He's seen what's happened to those who have. If he frees Dorian from life as a vampire's slave, then he must quickly choose whether or not he loves the man, a man who does not love him in return, enough to risk everything he knows to go with him.

Protecting His Mate #9: Alex Romonoff, a vampire noble, was on his way to freedom before he sacrificed himself so his brother could escape, now he's running for his life against a group of werewolves, the sun is rising, and things aren't looking so good.
Acelin Lowell immediately scents his mate in the fleeing vampire, and he gives chase. But Alex is a Romonoff, and not only is that noble house in shambles, but his pack mates will kill Alex if they find out.
Unable to do anything else, Lowell abandons his pack to defend his mate. He's won the battle, but the war against the sun, and vampire assassins still hunting them, is still on. Their only choice is to flee to Lowell's pack alpha. Lowell is confidant the man will accept them, but when secrets are revealed about a mass murder of wolves, they both have to wonder whether or not Lowell can succeed in keeping his mate safe.

The Alpha Wolf's Convenient Mate #10: Nick DeWitt, the leading alpha of his pack, was caught in a vampire slaver's trap, but fortunately, he's rescued by a drop dead gorgeous human who just so happens to be Nick's mate.
Nick wants to take it slow with Oliver Moreau, the handsome man who came to his rescue. He's aware that humans don't think the same way as wolves, so he must tread carefully, but at the same time he needs to return to his territory.
He offers Oliver a the chance to complete their bond within three days before. Their mating can unite his pack and the human village in a secure pact that will really give the vampires something to be scared of.
If Oliver can't get over his human ideas on what it means to fall in love and mate on first sight, then Nick's wolf will go wild, and he will become the danger everyone fears even more than vampires

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