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11 Books by Ashe Barker
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Overview: I've been writing seriously since 2012 but I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, erotic and other genres. I love reading historical and contemporary romances in all pairings - the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure - research.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Her Two Doms - They’re not at school now. These are games for grown-ups, and Ellie’s not sure of the rules
They were her heroes, her golden boys. But the two men she’s loved since they were all at school together don’t even recognise her.
A chance encounter on a train threatens to destroy Ellie’s fragile dream. Reunited with the now Duke of Erskine and his best friend, international footballer Declan Stone, she lies yet again to protect herself. But this time she doesn’t get away with it.
They want her, they always did. And there was a time she would have done anything for them. But can the quiet, studious Ellie learn to play grown-up games with two rich and powerful men? Does she dare to? What will Her Two Doms demand of her, and does she want to be sucked into their world again?

The Master - After her long-time taekwondo instructor passes away suddenly, Jodie Price is certain her dreams of Olympic glory have been dashed, and she is thrilled when bold, handsome coach Dylan Atkins offers his help. But Dylan's training regimen will be more rigorous than anything Jodie has experienced before, and she quickly discovers that he is a firm believer in strict discipline.
When she is caught drinking in defiance of Dylan's rules, Jodie soon finds herself sobbing and promising to do better as she is thoroughly paddled. Dylan's stern correction arouses her deeply, however, and it isn't long before he takes her in his arms and masters her completely. But though his skilled, dominant lovemaking leaves her utterly spent and satisfied, will Jodie trust him enough to tell him the truth when a powerful sponsor tries to use their romance to blackmail her?

The Duke and the Thief - Twenty-one-year-old Eloise Smith has developed a habit of stealing trinkets and other seemingly unimportant items from anyone who gets close to her, but when a gentleman who introduces himself as the Duke of Savoy takes an interest in Eloise he decides to put a stop to her thieving.
Though Adam Dacre didn’t plan to fall in love with Eloise, he quickly finds himself wanting to claim the beautiful miscreant and make her his bride. But he is a man with a secret of his own…

Her Celtic Masters - After the sudden death of the aging man her father arranged for her to marry, twenty-year-old Kristin Stianson intends to make her own way in the world as a seafaring trader and merchant.
But when she decides to share her new venture with a pair of Celts, she soon finds herself wondering if the handsome brothers will become much more than just her business partners.

Thicker Than Water - Even as she pleads for her freedom, she hopes he will never let her go…
Determined to rescue her younger sister who is incarcerated in a foreign land, Jenna Ferris hatches a desperate plan. She sneaks into the small Arab state on a false passport, and even manages to gain access undetected into the royal palace itself.
So far so good. What can go wrong?
Captured by the military police, she finds herself in a cold, stark cell, at the mercy of none other than the brother of the crown prince himself. She soon learns that Zafar Nur al-Talat has his own unique methods of interrogation, combining pain and pleasure to devastating effect. Before long, Jenna finds herself screaming for him to stop, whilst silently begging for more!
Powerful, handsome, ruthlessly determined, Zafar is sworn to protect his country. His English prisoner is beautiful, and he cannot deny his attraction to her, but she is hiding something and the security and safety of those he loves is at stake.
He will do his duty, which means he will discover the truth, whatever it takes.

The Enforcer - He is hers. Her prisoner, her responsibility. Convicted felon Xyker Ramone is not absconding, not on her watch.
Prison Monitor and skilled pilot Erin Stein pursues her quarry with single-minded intent, but Xyker has no intention of returning to the penal colony. Erin is stunned to find herself his captive on his home planet of Ymir and law enforcement takes on a whole new dimension.
Her precious Skyhawk fighter craft confiscated, Erin finds herself on the wrong side of the law and is forced to face the consequences for her reckless actions. She discovers that Ymirian justice is both swift and severe, especially when delivered at the hand of The Enforcer.

Under Viking Dominion - Though Audun is a man from a long-gone era, Brenna cannot get the proud Viking off her mind. After a chance meeting reunites them, will a strange set of artefacts give them common purpose?

A Tale of Two Pirates - Two raunchy linked stories featuring passion and plunder on the high seas
Dismissed from her job, no references, destitute, Paulette Vêrtine embarks on a desperate quest to find her only living relative. Lacking funds to pay for her passage, she stows away on the only vessel she can find bound for Santa Natalia, her brother’s last-known whereabouts.
Unfortunately, Raven’s Claw is a pirate ship, whose dark and dangerous captain does not take kindly to uninvited passengers. When Paulette is discovered the Raven himself vows to teach her a lesson she will not forget
Betrayed by her abusive husband, sold as a slave, battered and beaten senseless, Elisabeth Chirac is destined for a life of unimaginable horror. Rescued from her fate by a ferocious pirate captain, will she fare any better in his care?
Wil Falconer is a ruthless buccaneer with an aversion to slavery. He attacks the slave vessel intending to seize and free the unfortunate souls imprisoned within its bowels. He does not expect to find the near lifeless body of a beautiful Southern lady, especially not one who cannot even remember her own name.

Innocent (Reissue 2020) - First Impressions can be deceptive.
Aidan Blake needs a plumber. Fast. His boiler is dead, his creaky old house crumbling around him. When his elderly neighbour recommends a local trader, George Mahon, Aidan jumps at the prospect of hot water and warm radiators.
But George, short for Georgina, is not exactly what he had in mind. He was expecting
something else entirely. A man for one thing, not the gorgeous single mother he finds in his house at the end of a long day of work.
Aidan turns out to be full of surprises too. Who would have imagined the smartly dressed businessman would have a BDSM playroom in his attic and a collection of whips and canes that makes George’s head spin. And her bottom clench, though that’s another matter entirely. Mayv=be she is not quite as innocent as she thought.
What does a girl have to do to get to play with those toys?
Just ask, it would seem. As they enter into a professional and personal agreement which soon blossoms into a sultry, kinky relationship, George continues to be surprised by Aidan's kindness and generosity, not to mention his skill with a spanking paddle.
First impressions aside, the two begin to build something together. And while they peel back the layers to discover their hidden depths, the old house yields up the mysteries of its own secret past. They soon realise that at first glance, nothing and no one is as innocent as they seem.

Deeds Not Words - A handsome viscount. A headstrong Suffragette. And a cause worth dying for.
She grew up while I wasn’t looking. My sweet little half-cousin is now a beautiful woman. I’ve adored her for as long as I can remember. It’s high time I made her my viscountess.
But there’s just one problem. While my back was turned Clarissa has joined the Suffragette Movement. And now, I gather, she’s incarcerated in Holloway facing their vile force-feeding regime and God only knows what other horrors. I need to act quickly.
I’ve never been more pleased to see my handsome cousin. Always my guardian and protector, James rescued me from that awful place and brought me home to Smallwood where he insists he will keep me safe. And he insists upon employing his own brand of discipline, to teach me the error of my ways.
I want to surrender to him. I love him. I think I always have. But I love the Suffragette cause too. James wants me to submit to his authority and continue the campaign without endangering my life. But this has become a fight to the death, and I will not desert my sisters.
This story was previously published in the 2019 anthology Once upon a Christmas Wedding. This version is a stand alone story, re-edited, and with new content added.

Right of Conquest - Love. Hate. Honour. Obey.
It is the year 1485. King Richard III has fallen at Bosworth, his crown seized from the mud of the battlefield by Henry Tudor. The new monarch intends to stamp his authority on all of England, crushing all remaining opposition under his royal heel. And now, he has sent his men to Whitleigh…
Frances de Whytte loathes the battle-hardened, arrogant warlord who has usurped her family home, driven her brother away and now claims to own all that she holds dear. He has stolen her birthright. The House of York is ruined. But her family need her to protect them so she will do what she must to ensure the survival of those she loves.
But she will never surrender to this ferocious Tudor warrior. She would die first.
Whitleigh Castle is mine now, by right of conquest. I am now Duke of Whitleigh, a title bestowed on me at the Battle of Bosworth by a grateful king, I own this keep and all within it, including the belligerent sister of the previous duke. I intend to be master here and will particularly enjoy bringing this impudent little wench to heel.
But love and hate make odd bedfellows, and in these turbulent times who knows what alliances might form? When love and hate, honour and duty collide, and when my loyalties are tested to the limit, even I do not know what choices I might be forced to make.

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Right of Conquest
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