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4 Books by Tamsin Baker
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 560kb | 2019 Reissue
Overview:Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the 'good bits'. When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood. When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Two Lovers and Her Unicorn - On an alternative primitive Earth, Naylaa the healer is bound to her beautiful Unicorn Bronte. United since birth, she's spent her life keeping him safe from hunters who would kill him for his magic. She is lucky enough to live in a town who still revere the power the original creature contains.
Naylaa knows the legends that surround her birth and her bond to Bronte, and is waiting for the United pair that will complete their life.
When Gorvan arrives in town, a blue-eyed stranger from a faraway town, he instantly grabs Naylaa's attention. But it is only when she discovers Seinna, his United, does Naylaa know that Gorvan is her soul mate.
But Gorvan is stubborn and scared of what will become of them all if he lingers in Naylaa's town too long. He wants to keep moving from town to town and doesn't believe Naylaa about their need for one another.
Naylaa must make him see the truth of their Fated love...before mens greed and Gorvan's stubbornness tears them all apart forever.

Her first dungeon - My boss is so hot...
He goes to an underground dungeon on his nights off...
and I'm dying to know what happens inside those walls.
And would he ever consider taking me along?
Our romance is forbidden..
His touch is perfect...
Where will he take me when I give him permission to push my fears aside and show me inside his world.

#Gay (2019) - I'm in my mid twenties, I have a great career, killer abs and a lifestyle most people would die for...
But there's one thing I want...
More than anything.
The one thing I can't have...
And that's my boss. Nick Anderson.
I don't even know if he's gay!
And yet I fantasize after his incessantly!
Well, my two year contract is almost up and Nick wants to talk.
Is it about my contract... or am I going to finally find out if Nick is #Gay???
Author note: This is a re-release of 'Getting a Raise' by the same author. The story has been thoroughly edited and improved.

Queen Vampire - All hail the Queen - Alessandra Vasalys.
Beautiful. Deadly. Vampire.
Alessandra travels to the continent of Syvin to unite her people with the humans.
But her heart belongs to a wolf shifter.
It’s wrong. It’s forbidden.
But her need for Marcus overwhelms everything else.
She wants to be a good ruler for her people.
She wants to make her country proud.
But her heart has taken a life of its own.
And an evil witch has found out her secret uses that love against her.
Does Alessandra protect the man she loves?
Or does she put duty above all else?
The Court of Syvin is filled with dark corners, betrayal, and intrigue.
Everyone is waiting, watching.
But Alessandra is a warrior. A vampire Queen.
She will not fail.

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