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Scandalous Seductions Series by Madelynne Ellis (Books #1-2, 4-7)
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Overview: Madelynne Ellis is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She stared writing on a whim, after a friend suggested she give writing a "Black Lace" novel a go. The rest is history.
Madelynne writes focuses on a mixture of contemporary and Regency-set novels, and has been translated into a variety of languages.
She's a decaf drinker, has a healthy obsession with a certain Japanese rock-star, and has an extensive collection of notebooks. She lives in the UK, with her partner of 20+ years, two demanding teenagers and two equally demanding cavachons.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Historical MMF | MFM | MMFM


A Gentleman's Wager (Scandalous Seductions #1)
When eighteenth-century young lady Bella Rushdale finds herself fiercely attracted to handsome landowner Lucerne Marlinscar, she does not expect the rival for her affections to be another man. However, the handsome and decadent Marquis Pennerley has desired Lucerne for years and, when they are brought together at the remote Lauwine Hall for a country party on the Yorkshire Moors, he intends to claim him. This leads to a passionate struggle for dominance - at the risk of scandal - between the highly sexed Bella and the debauched aristocrat. Ultimately it will be Lucerne who will choose the outcome - and his decision is bound to upset somebody's plans.

Indiscretions (Scandalous Seductions #2)
Viscount Lucerne Marlinscar is caught in the middle of a constant tug o’ war between the decadent and perverse Marquis of Pennerley, and the woman with whom he eloped, seductive heiress Miss Bella Rushdale. All three are bound together in a scandalous and highly volatile ménage a trois. As a result, Lucerne is careful never to favour one of his lovers over the other. That said, considering the recent efforts Vaughan and Bella have poured into tormenting one another, he’s beginning to wonder if it’s not he who’s the outsider in their relationship. What’s a considerate lover supposed to do besides compromise? Is it even possible for three people to find a happy ever after together?
When Lucerne calls time-out for the night, petty jealousies have to be cast aside for the bonds between them to be forged anew.
Indiscretions is a Regency-set romance novella with a high heat including MF, MM and MMF interactions. Expect ribald language, diabolical behaviour, and extreme decadence. You are advised to keep the smelling salts at hand.

Three Times the Scandal (Scandalous Seductions #4)
Ruining her reputation is her only means of escape...
Fortuna Allenthorpe is at her wits end. Her family have engaged her to odious Sir Hector, a man she despises beyond measure. Convinced that the destruction of her reputation will free her, Fortuna flees into the night with infamous scoundrel, Giles Dovecote and his debauched friends the Darleston twins. Too bad, then, that her betrothed is more interested in her impressive inheritance than her errant virtue. What’s more, he’s prepared to destroy her family to ensure he gets it.
A vocal advocate of free love, Giles isn’t looking for a wife. Past mistakes weigh heavily on his conscience, but Fortuna makes him want things he considers off limits. As the stakes mount, how long can he hold fast to his principles, if they mean surrendering the woman he loves to a hellish match?
Three Times the Scandal is a scorching historical romp through the Regency underbelly involving arson, molly houses and grave robbery, and includes MF, MM and MMFM interactions. Readers are advised to ensure a cold drink is on hand to avoid overheating.

Her Husband's Lover (Scandalous Seductions #5)
Darleston was beautiful. Not in a dandified fashionable sort of way, but in a beastly way… Any woman with a modicum of sense would be a fool to fall for him.
Emma Langley abhors physical contact, consequential she’s shocked when she realizes she’s attracted to one of her father’s guests. Robert, Lord Darleston is like no other man she’s ever met. He’s flamboyant, charming and terrifies her as much as he arouses her. Nor is Emma the only person caught under his spell…
Lord Robert Darleston has a reputation as a rakehell and a voluptuary. When his wife’s scheming drives him from London into the heart of the English countryside, he is unexpectedly reunited with his first lover, Lyle Langley. Torn apart by the intervention of their families nine years earlier, the primary barrier to their reunion is now Emma, Lyle’s wife, a woman Darleston is fascinated by and has no wish to disrespect. All seems hopeless, that is, until Lyle admits that Emma is frigid and their marriage unconsummated.
Darleston proposes a plan… If he can win Emma over, then maybe they can find happiness together. Old ghosts, a jealous wife, and an outraged father stand in his way.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past (Scandalous Seductions #6)
Christmas Eve 1800 – Two months ago Lucerne Marlinscar broke two hearts in addition to his own when he ended his scandalous relationship with Vaughan, Marquis of Pennerley and Miss Bella Rushdale. Now alone on his Yorkshire estate, he’s haunted by the events of the past.
Further south, in Shropshire, unwilling to forgo his obsession, Vaughan takes an icy plunge in order to retrieve a precious object. Only to then find another such item waiting in his bed.
Meanwhile, Bella hardens her resolve, and seeks love beneath the mistletoe. She knows Vaughan will never truly be hers, but can she win enough of his heart that he’ll let her remain?
Through a series of engaging vignettes, the Ghosts of Christmas Past reveals compelling new details and layers to a complex relationship. This Regency-set historical romance includes MF, MM and MMF interactions. Please be advised that this is not intended as a standalone title, but is best enjoyed as a prelude to the final book in the series.

The Serpent's Kiss (Scandalous Seductions #7)
She’s the disgrace of the county…
Bella Rushdale has returned home still unwed having eloped with Viscount Marlinscar, and she’s now engaged in a scandalous liaison with the Marquis of Pennerley. Remote Yorkshire society is outraged!
Something ought to be done.
Even the untrained observer can see there’s something deliciously perplexing about the relationship between Bella and the two rascals responsible for her disgrace. As rumours of unnatural activities, forbidden pleasures and the inevitable repercussions abound, Bella vigorously resists her brother’s attempts to strong-arm her into wedlock. But, all too soon everything gets out of hand, putting Bella at risk of losing far more than her reputation. Can three people whose lives and hearts are so inexorably bound forge a lasting bond? Or is their love as ill-fated as society would have them believe?
Find out, in this tale of forbidden love between a marquis, his mistress, and the man they both once loved.
The Serpent’s Kiss is a Regency-set historical romance with a high heat including MF, MM and MMF interactions. Those of a timid or nervous disposition are advised against indulging.
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The Serpent's Kiss (Scandalous Seductions #7)
Jan 16th, 2020, 9:29 pm
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The Serpent's Kiss (Scandalous Seductions #7)
Jan 18th, 2020, 8:25 am