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Jul 29th, 2020, 8:27 pm
Sex Toy Enslavement Series by Jake Ward (Parts #1-4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 382 kB
Overview: Author of dark erotic BDSM series Sex Toy Enslavement.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic MM


STE: 115 (Sex Toy Enslavement #1)
Matt Forrest is about to be thrust into a world he never imagined existed, though it has always been there because the desire of one man to dominate, to enslave, another is as old as humanity. In STE 115 this desire is manifested in its most brutal and erotic form as Matt is systematically transformed from the free, confident, 21st century young man he is, into a beautiful and desirable sex toy for rich and powerful men. As his humanity and dignity is methodically and painfully stripped away he discovers that he is not alone in this Hell. Others, men noticed for their physical beauty, are also being taken and enslaved like him. So many in fact, that Matt Forrest soon is simply a number, 115.

STE: 115 Part 2 (Sex Toy Enslavement #2)
Matt Forest, now 115, quickly learns that the key to survival in his new world can be summed up in one word, obedience. As demands are made on him physically, sexually, and psychologically, his submission must be absolute, however, he continues to believe that a means of escape must still be possible. Yet as his world continues to be transformed, we now discover the worlds of other men being similarly violated as they experience their own transformations into something most people don't even realize exists in this century, slaves. The means and methods used in altering the reality of these beautiful men are as chilling as they are creative. The world of the slave compound will become even more real, and we will begin to see just how it fits into our own.

STE 115: Part III (Sex Toy Enslavement #3)
In Part Three the Doctor's net continues to widen as more men are brought into the Compound to be transformed into playthings for the rich and powerful. The techniques that Trainer uses to break these men remain as devastatingly effective as they are brutal, and 115 continues to discover new depths of despair in a world seemingly without hope. The only sure, consistent reality in the compound is the Doctor's willingness to do anything to please his wealthy clients. The lives and bodies of the men he's captured are simply a means to a very profitable end.

STE 115: Part 4 (Sex Toy Enslavement #4)
The interest in the STE series continues to grow, as the story continues to expand. In this, the latest part, you will learn more about the future of 115 and the other captives, as the Doctor and Trainer continue to bend these prisoners to their will. With the fear of exposure, the Doctor has to make some radical decisions. The problem with haste is that it can create opportunities for escape. Something the Doctor can't allow to happen. This part also includes a surprise that will change the direction of the story significantly.

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Jul 29th, 2020, 8:27 pm