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Aug 19th, 2020, 4:02 pm
Tale of Rho Series by Regina Watts (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 357 kb
Overview: From kinky experimentation in schoolgirl spanking stories to twisted, taboo-breaking consensual cannibalism erotica (and very dark romance), nothing is too extreme for Regina.
Genre: Erotic


1. Devil's Playthings - DEATH IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS.
At least, it's not what Rhoda Dendron thought it would be like--or rather, Rhoda Kingston. After the surreal events in the strange school and town of Griswald gained clarification, if not conclusion, Rhoda was ready for life to settle down. But when an entity in the guise of bad boy (well--bad older man) detective Felix Eirwen offers her an opportunity to flee mundane reality for eternal life as something called an Eidolon, she's more than happy to explore what a new reality has to offer her...even if it means leaving certain things behind.
Not everything stays where she left it, however. There's really no place like home: and in her new home there's a Lulu, and even a Talbot...albeit a Talbot calling himself Emmanuel Harteveldt. Suave, calculating, and dangerously seductive, cunning libertine Dr. Harteveldt is a former OB-GYN with a lifetime full of secrets and a penchant for sadistic mindgames to rival Rhoda's own. And he might be a little too eager to take the family's new brat in hand for Felix's liking.
Although he can't really blame the old abortionist for his keen fascination with the new addition to their lineage. After all, Felix finds Rhoda pretty irresistible, himself. Especially when she calls him "Daddy."

2. Growing Pains - Rhoda is adapting to her new home among the immortal eidolons, but is everyone in her new home adapting to Rhoda? Just look at what she’s doing to poor Dr. Harteveldt. The regal doctor has been reduced from one of the most powerful dark eidolons in Europe to a lovesick dog willing to let an eighteen-year-old walk all over him…and he’s so desperate for a taste of her body that there’s no limit to the depths to which he’ll stoop (or the bathwater that he’ll drink) to sate his lust for the charming new arrival.
And Rhoda may be delighted, but Felix would like it to stop—even if he understands her impulse to torment the depraved old libertine who is, in Rhoda’s opinion, holding her former lover Lucia hostage. Former, only because in her current memory-less state, wouldn’t be very fair for Rhoda to bully her the way she used to.
Guess she’ll have to focus her destructive attentions on somebody who really deserves it.

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1. Devil's Playthings

2. Growing Pains
Aug 19th, 2020, 4:02 pm